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Your Affordable Vegas Wedding Begins with More than Just Saying “I Do”

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Your Cheap Vegas Wedding can Start with more than the Gift of “I Do”

Take a moment and think about all the important moments if your life. How many of those moments have gift-giving associated with them? Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries often times are linked to expressing your love with a gift.

When marrying, however, you are giving that other person more than the words, “I Do.” At that moment, you are giving them their most treasured gift: You; Your loving heart; Your stunning self. Remember you can have a cheap Vegas wedding with a memento for the two of you.

#1- A Wedding Photo

Pictures are the most common way for people to remember their wedding. Truly a snapshot in time, you will always be able to remember your special day. Professional photos are always great. They capture the moments that you may not even be aware of being documented—laughing guests, a shared smile, a secret kiss.

What could help make this moment even more memorable? Show them a time from your life together that has brought you to this moment. Take a photo of you together, have it framed and gift it to them. Show them that this is more than a wedding, but instead your life, together.

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#2- A Keepsake

We all have little trinkets that hold some sort of sentimental value for us. Your wedding rings will take that place, but those are out for the whole world to see. Think of something simple that you can give your new spouse that will be private and just for them.

Give them a stub from the first concert or movie you went to together. A flower that matches those in the bouquet dried, pressed, and laminated for safety will also be dear to their heart every time they look at it. Even a “Vegas” keychain can hold the memory of all the enjoyable moments of your inexpensive wedding.

#3- Something Memorable

Everyone has seen the husband and wife duo with their first dance together going viral on the internet. This dance has been choreographed and practiced, practiced, practiced, all for the guests of the wedding. Instead of getting the awe-factor out of your guests, get the awe-factor from your spouse.

Marriage is all about putting yourself out there KNOWING that your partner will be there to catch you if you fall. There is no doubt that if you get up in front of your spouse and recite a poorly written, but 100% serious love poem, that it will end with loving stars in their eyes.

You can sing the most off-key version of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love and your other half will remember that moment for the rest of their life.  An expression such as this gives your spouse a little piece of yourself for them to keep and care for and never let get bruised.

Vow renewals can be just as important to your spouse as the original words that bound your lives together.  In this sense, you are lucky because each year, subsequent to your initial vows, you have a guideline to follow to help you purchase a gift. Here are more ideas for a breakout of what gift aligns with your year of marriage!

The main thing to remember when giving a gift to your spouse, is to make them know that you put thought into it. Everything you do for one another may not have a reason, but it will be important.

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