Sweet and Cheap Wedding Favors for Las Vegas

5 Sweet & Cheap Wedding Favors From Etsy Your Guests Will Love

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Sweet and Cheap Wedding Favors for Las Vegas
Cheap Wedding Favors

Gifting your guests wedding favors after your ceremony are a thoughtful way to thank your guests for joining you on your special day. These souvenirs do not need to cost an arm & a leg, especially since you are already spending a lot as it is! Take a look at some of these sweet treats your guests are sure to love!

Popped The Question – Custom Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn Box Cheap Wedding Favors
Popcorn Box Cheap Wedding Favors

Your wedding will be poppin’ with these adorable little popcorn boxes! These customized popcorn boxes make the best little memento from your special day! Fill them with classic butter, or mix with up with caramel corn! Your guests will love a little snack to enjoy after.

Custom Popcorn Boxes $25 for 12 boxes

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

A Sweet Ending to New Beginning – Donut Wedding Bags

Cheap Wedding Favors Donut Bags
Donut Bag Wedding Favor

Donut worry about spending too much on these goodie bags! These mini treat bags can hold any of your beloved snacks, from tiny donut holes, cookies, macarons, and even coffee beans! The best part: these bags are grease resistant, so you won’t need to worry about those grease marks ruining the text on the front!

Donut Wedding Bags $11 for 20 bags

For Richer For Poorer – Coin Wedding Favors

Candy Coin Wedding Favor Rich or Poor
Photo courtesy of: LittleIndieStudio

You won’t break the bank with these chocolate coin wedding favors! These little mementos will be a hit with all your guests!

For Richer For Poorer $2.29 ea

His/Hers Wedding Favor Stickers

His Her Cheap Wedding Favors
Photo courtesy of: mavora

Another great way to get personal with these gifts to your guests! His/Hers favorite stickers can be placed on goodie bags or lids! Fill it with your favorite snacks like almonds or chocolate covered pretzels, or even your favorite jams or spreads!

His/Hers Favorite $6.50 for 20 Stickers  

Mint to Be – Wedding Favors

Mint to Be Cheap Wedding Favor
Photo courtesy of: BabyEssentialsByMel

You are mint to have these at your wedding! There are a lot of kisses that go around during a wedding so mints are always a good idea to have!

Mint To Be Mints $43.20 for a set of 24

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