Wedding Receptions

A celebration of two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together is always a fun and joyous event. No wedding is complete without delicious food! The Little Vegas Chapel offers referrals to excellent wedding reception services, designed to meet everyone’s taste buds! Sharing food with friends and family is common at weddings, and many couples can become overwhelmed with all the wedding plans. Let The Little Vegas Chapel help you make your wedding complete.

Let your wedding coordinator know you’re interested in having a reception and we’ll get you in touch with one of our preferred reception vendors.

A Food Experience Like No Other!

What makes our partners’ reception services stand out? Taste! We believe in providing a dining experience through wedding catering that is delicious and actually fills you up, not the same finger food you see at other weddings! We have a large variety of all-natural foods. Our tortillas are made from scratch and made by our master chefs, who each have mastered the traditional Mexican technique when it comes to delicious food!

It’s Time to Party!

No wedding is complete without a good drink. Ask about our wide array of cocktails & drink specials! Our cocktails will pair perfectly with your menu. Cocktails will give you just the right taste you need to have a lot of fun with your friends and family on your wedding day! Call The Little Vegas Chapel to learn more about wedding reception services for your special day.

Choosing Your Wedding Catering

When you are debating on the type of wedding food you want, consider the vibe you are going for with your wedding. Do you want to have small, intimate meals, or are you planning to feed several people? Cocktails, or champagne toasts? We focus on making our Las Vegas weddings unique and allow the couple to mingle with all their guests who have traveled far to be with them. Contact our wedding chapel to discuss your reception needs. We can help create a menu that you both will be comfortable with, and will be delicious and unforgettable for your guests. At The Little Vegas Chapel, we know that food really does complete the wedding. Our expert chefs are here to combine delicious food with your dream wedding!

For more information on our wedding reception services, please give us a call at 702-385-5683 or email us at