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Stylish Budget Wedding Gown and Tuxedo Options

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Wedding gowns and tuxedos have become such an iconic part of weddings. Here’s how to find a wedding gown and tux that are in style and within budget.

Know Your Body Style

Since everyone has a different body type, it’s essential to try on various styles until you find a wedding gown and tuxedo that’s perfect for your silhouette. 

Know Your Wedding Theme

Before you start shopping for your wedding gown and tuxedo, you’ll want to choose your wedding theme. Always keep the venue and theme in mind to ensure your ensemble matches your overall wedding style. 

Formal or Informal?

Different types of wedding ceremonies and receptions have various levels of formality; black tie, formal, semi formal and informal. Your wedding ceremony’s formality will most likely dictate your wedding ensemble. If you’re having a flashy Las Vegas wedding, we recommend wedding dresses that will allow you to move and dance. 

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

Elvis or Traditional?

Las Vegas is famous for its Elvis weddings. Elvis themed Las Vegas weddings are a fun way to create long-lasting memories. If your mind is set on having a wedding ceremony centered around the King of Rock n Roll, consider choosing an Elvis and Marilyn Monroe costume rental.

While Las Vegas weddings are known for being quick and easy, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice tradition. You can’t go wrong with a simple wedding gown and tuxedo. 

Wedding Looks on a Budget

Along with an endless array of styles, materials, and color palettes, brides need to consider the budget when searching for the perfect wedding gown. 

Brides across America spend an average of $1,631 for a wedding gown, according to The Knot’s 2018 Real Weddings Study. That’s over five times the $283 grooms spend on average for their wedding day attire.

Borrow from your family.

Why bother buying a new dress or tuxedo if you can borrow from a friend or family member? Not only will you save thousands of dollars, but you’ll also walk down the aisle wearing something of sentimental value and precious memories.

Buy a floor sample dress.

If you can’t borrow from a family member, consider buying a floor sample dress instead of ordering new.

Visit thrift or vintage stores.

Another economical approach is to consider paying a visit to your local thrift or vintage stores to look for unique dress options. If you’re lucky, you can find something extraordinarily beautiful and affordable. 

Attend trunk shows.

Trunk shows are a great place to find affordable dresses by particular fashion designers. Although the dresses aren’t marked as discounted, most trunk shows offer a percentage off if you place an order on the spot. 

Rent a tux and gown.

Finally, a bride on a budget may want to go the rental route. After all, it’s a dress likely to be worn only once. Plus, most brides admit it sits in the back of their closet, collecting dust. The Little Vegas Chapel believes in helping couples create dream weddings complete by offering wedding dresses rentals. Our stylish and modern dresses are here to help brides in need of a beautiful dress, and those that do not want to purchase a wedding dress. 

Affordable Wedding Dress and Tuxedo Rentals

At The Little Vegas Chapel, we specialize in making dream weddings come true! Our goal is to make your wedding day magical by taking that extra planning and stress burden away from you. Our beautiful wedding gowns and tuxedos for rent are up-to-date with the latest fashion styles and trends. We always have our clothing professionally cleaned and have multiple sizes to help you find the perfect fit.

We are able to find and fit you for the perfect wedding gown or tuxedo within the hour. Our affordable pricing makes it easy for any couple to have the perfect attire for their wedding. We offer flat-rate pricing as follows:

  • Individual gown or tuxedo rental: $75
  • Combined gown and tuxedo rental ensemble: $125
  • Elvis and Marilyn Monroe costume rental: $75 individually, or $125 for combined ensemble

Last Minute Las Vegas Wedding?

Are you looking to get married on a whim and elope in Las Vegas? We have everything you need for your impromptu Vegas wedding! You will need to pick up your wedding license, but we can take care of the rest! From the gown and tuxedo rental to the flowers and photography, The Little Vegas Chapel has it all! 

Browse through our wedding packages to see the affordable pricing along with all the extra amenities and elements you can enjoy. We have several wedding tools that are designed to create a fantastic wedding day and save you money.

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