What You Need for a Wedding in Vegas?

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Congratulations! You are getting married or someone you know is getting married! Weddings are an exciting and happy time for a new couple. Regardless of whether it is the couple’s first or third marriage, the wedding is an essential start to the rest of their lives together. When a couple is ready to say “I Do!” it deserves to be an exhilarating time in their lives. Many couples make the popular decision to have a destination wedding to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Destination weddings have increased in popularity, with Las Vegas being a great option for consideration! A Las Vegas wedding has all the makings of a dream wedding.

Wedding Tips for Destination Nuptials

A destination wedding, like many weddings, needs to have many of the same things to decide upon. The top things to consider are:

What is the Theme?

The theme of the wedding will help with some of the decisions as far as what people will wear, the food available, flowers, music, and more. Having a wedding in Vegas opens up a wide selection of awesome themes, from traditional to classic Vegas-themed. For example, old Hollywood or Elvis-themed, even! 

How Much Money is There?

Weddings can be expensive, and they can quickly become out of control with spending, adding stress to the married couple to be. To help you decide how much your wedding budget will be, consider where the funds might be coming from. Will the parents of the bride(s) and/or groom(s) be contributing to the celebration? Is there savings or money put aside to pay for it? Regardless of where the money is coming from to pay for the wedding, it is essential to create a budget and stick to it. 

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

The budget needs to include the wardrobe, traveling expenses, food, photography, etc. Another budget consideration is whether or not there will be separate locations for the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. If you are unsure of how to budget wedding funds, consider hiring a wedding planner to assist.

Having a destination wedding is a great way to allocate budget funds and get the most out of your money and the experience. 

When and Where Will the Nuptials Take Place?

When deciding when to have your wedding, think about the time of year you would like to have it. Vegas is an excellent location for weddings, with beautiful and warm temperatures. Once a date has been decided, send out your “Save the Date” cards or calendar shares to your loved ones that you would like to have present for your wedding.

Where would you like to have your wedding and honeymoon, and which hotel would you like to stay at? A destination wedding in Vegas has the convenience of being a tourist destination that can accommodate all your traveling needs, along with keeping the wedding party close to where the wedding is taking place. 

Having the wedding away from your local area can help reduce stress and make more of a celebration out of the experience. If deciding upon Vegas for your destination wedding, the Little Vegas Chapel should be at the top of your list for consideration!

How Large of a Wedding Party Do You Want to Have and What Will People’s Roles Be?

Will there be a large wedding party, or will it be a smaller, more intimate gathering? Once the size of the wedding party is decided, you can assign what role each person will have. Who will be the wedding ceremony officiant, bridesmaid, best man, flower girl, etc.? How involved do you want people to be in your wedding? 

How Do You Want to Save Wedding Day Memories?

How will the wedding be preserved and saved? Hiring a photographer or videographer will ensure that the memories of the wedding will be kept for a lifetime. 

Social media can help digitally save your wedding day memories, consider creating a hashtag for Instagram to have your guests post photos with. 

What Wedding Events are You Planning?

Will there be a rehearsal dinner or reception? And don’t forget to have a bachelor or bachelorette party before the wedding ceremony. Las Vegas can provide many unique experiences within its city limits for any wedding-related event.

What Travel Arrangements Need to Be Made?

How far away is the destination from home? Will there be family and friends from different locations coming to meet at the wedding destination? It is essential not to get too stressed about making sure your guests arrive at your wedding. Your responsibility is to give them enough time to plan and make their travel arrangements.

When preparing for your wedding, give yourself a few days to reach your destination before the ceremony to give you and your spouse-to-be time to relax and be ready for your wedding. 

The romance of a wedding can sometimes overshadow some of the necessary tasks that a wedding needs to have to take place to be legally binding. Don’t forget to apply for your marriage license before the ceremony. Different destinations might have different rules; check the rules as you begin planning to prevent any delays in the legal side of your nuptials. Most wedding licenses will require proof of identification and a small fee.

Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

Many destination weddings offer packages for their couples that can help navigate the details of the wedding for them. Wedding packages available at The Little Vegas Chapel include traditional, vow renewals, pretend, LGBTQ, and Bodas en Las Vegas. In addition, there are many services available to plan a beautiful, memorable, and low-stress wedding, including bridal styling, flowers, music, streaming, photos, etc. Several package options are available, varying in price and inclusions. That way, the couple can just show up and be excited to marry the one they love. A wedding, after all, should be a celebration with minimal stress involved.

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