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Should you Invest in Bridal Makeup?

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Whether you wish to have a traditional wedding or an Elvis wedding, we have the solutions for you at the Little Vegas Chapel. We offer a multitude of services to ensure that you can have the wedding of your dreams, without all of the hassle of a typical wedding. One of the many services that we offer include professional hair and makeup to optimize your appearance on your special day. Many brides forego obtaining a professional makeup artist in order to save money, but there are many benefits to having a professional provide your bridal makeup.  

What is Bridal Makeup?

If you do your makeup daily, why should you need a professional to do it for your wedding? What it comes down to is that bridal makeup is fundamentally different from general, everyday makeup looks. Many people think that bridal makeup is just applying makeup more heavily, but this is far from the truth. In general, makeup for a wedding will take longer to apply and it will be planned further in advance. A wedding requires the makeup to be long-lasting to ensure that it lasts through the ceremony, pictures, and whatever else it needs to remain pristine through. 

Bridal makeup is used to complement both your features and your wedding outfit, ensuring a cohesive, superior appearance. Additionally, this type of makeup often involves a significant amount of prep work and needs to be designed to look excellent in many different settings. Makeup invariably looks different when photographed, so bridal makeup accounts for this adjustment, as well as ensures that it looks great in many different types of lighting. 

Why you Should Hire a Makeup Artist

There are many scenarios in which it can be incredibly beneficial to hire a professional makeup artist. Whether you want to look your best for a photoshoot, a school dance, or your wedding, there are many benefits to obtaining the services of a makeup artist. Many women get set in their makeup routine, which can make it difficult for them to determine the ideal colors and styles for their own features. Makeup artists are knowledgeable regarding the various facial features and skin types. They also use incredibly high-quality products that will provide a much better appearance while lasting much longer. 

A makeup artist will be able to provide you with advice and guidance for many different situations, as providing makeup related services is their profession. They will be able to take many different factors into consideration in order to optimize your makeup. For example, they will be able to optimize your look for photographs for a wedding or photoshoot or ensure a long-lasting look for an alternative function. 

Hair and Bridal Makeup

The Benefits of Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is a great way to create a superior, flawless appearance for your wedding day. There are many components involved in a wedding, including everything from the photos to the departure. Obtaining professional makeup services specifically for your wedding will ensure that your makeup is capable of meeting these high demands. They will be able to choose the colors that will best complement your features and outfit. A stylist team will be able to provide a cohesive appearance for bridesmaids, which can ensure the best possible appearance for your entire wedding procession. Weddings can be incredibly stressful for brides, as there are many different things involved. Hiring a professional for your makeup can help to take one thing off your plate to reduce your stress.

Types of Makeup Looks for your Wedding

There are many different makeup looks available and obtaining a makeup artist will ensure that you can obtain whatever look you desire. Looking into some of the most popular wedding makeup trends will help you to make the ideal decision for the appearance that you would like. A professional artist will be able to help you to determine the look that will enhance your appearance. 

Natural looks are incredibly popular for weddings. They feature neutral colors that smooth out any potential flaws. To amp up a natural look, you can implement bronzer or other techniques. A smoky eye is another popular look that is especially beneficial if you are worried about waterworks at your wedding. The smoky eye look is designed to be smudgy, so you needn’t worry about smudging your eyeshadow. This look creates a powerful, alluring appearance that emphasizes dark eyes. A more glam look can be used to emphasize features and provide a bolder appearance. Bronze looks are increasing in popularity, because they help to combine a smoldering appearance with a natural one. This gives the skin a healthy glow, while creating a metallic, appealing appearance.  

Bride To Be
Bridal Hair and Makeup

Obtain Professional Styling from Us!

Here at the Little Vegas Chapel, we provide professional hair and makeup services to make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible. Our professional stylists are available to meet you at your hotel and will come prepared with multiple options and ideas for your wedding makeup. They can provide professional makeup services, hair styling, or both! These services will allow you to sit back and relax while they prepare you for your big day. Our professional hair and makeup styling services are available with 7 days of notice. 

Get Married in Style

Here at the Little Vegas Chapel, we provide many services that are designed to provide you with the wedding you desire. In addition, we have recently moved to a new chapel! The new location is situated between Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip, which makes it an incredibly convenient location for couples. This location allows for new photo opportunities and features a newly renovated chapel to optimize your wedding. It also contains ample parking to ensure that it will be easy for friends and family to join you on your special day. Our new address is 1330 S 3rd St. Las Vegas, NV 89104. This is located on the corner of 3rd St. and Imperial Ave. To learn more about our bridal makeup services or our new location, contact us today!

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