Pros and Cons of a Fall Wedding

The Pros and Cons of Fall Wedding

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When is the best time of the year to plan a wedding? There is no real answer as to when a wedding should be, but it helps to think about the weather, the colors you want, and how much you would like to spend. The summer has often been known as the season to get married thanks to the beautiful weather, but there is one thing about summer that often causes frustration for a lot of people, the heat! Summer is no stranger to high heat that can make your guests melt! Fall has started to become the new season for weddings thanks to the beautiful weather.

Wedding planning is all about timing and no one does it better than Las Vegas. In the fall, the weather is cooler, the hotels are cheaper, and the color theme possibilities are delightful! Here are just a few other reasons why you can make Las Vegas the ideal setting for your wedding!

Las Vegas Is a Beautiful City

Las Vegas is beautiful, and the lights are just incredible. Las Vegas in the fall is even better thanks to the cooler temperatures. Now you and your wedding guests can actually walk the strip together without the heat exhaustion! The fall weather in Las Vegas averages around 82-96 degrees. With these nice temperatures this time of year, it makes it easier for those you love to attend as the city seems more attractive in comfortable temperatures. If you are planning to get married outside, the cooler temperatures definitely make a huge difference! Come visit Las Vegas in the fall and you will see just how picturesque it is, and why it’s ideal for a fall wedding.

Affordable Fall Rates in Las Vegas

One reason to enjoy a fall wedding in Las Vegas is for the great rates that are available. The fall season is quieter, making it easier to find hotels on the strip for a discounted rate. Your wedding guests can enjoy an exciting vacation in the city if they plan to stay for a few nights. Not only will your guests be able to plan a dream vacation, but the wedding couple can also book Honeymoon suites for a great deal!

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Gorgeous Fall Wedding Colors

Fall is all about warmth and couples get to bring in colors that truly make the wedding day special. Browns, oranges, reds, and cream colors are preferred in the fall. However, Las Vegas is a colorful city, allowing couples to creatively use color without being related to a season! The color possibilities are truly endless, allowing you to create a wedding that you can look back on without regrets.

Wedding planning is one of the most exciting and challenging events to organize. We often help couples plan weddings without all the stress and frustration that occurs with large weddings. The Little Vegas Chapel specializes in creating dream weddings, and we are here to help you plan your wedding!

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