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Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Living Together

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Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Living Together

It can be difficult to identify the ideal wedding gift for a couple that is already living together. After all, many wedding gift ideas revolve around the necessities of starting a life together. If they are already living together, they likely already have these necessities. Wedding gift ideas for couples living together generally include mementos of their wedding or other gifts with substantial sentimental value. In fact, at The Little Vegas Chapel, we have a few options that you can purchase directly at the chapel. These gifts tend to be perfect for those couples that are already living together.

Wedding Time Capsule

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A wedding time capsule is a great idea for couples that are already living together. They will want to remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives and a time capsule will help them to do so. This wedding time capsule may require some work on the actual wedding day, which is usually something that the bride and groom won’t have time for. This makes the gift particularly valuable. Collect some mementos of their wedding day, such as asking their guests to write them messages or advice for them to read further on. You may also want to purchase some extra wedding photos, which can be done at our chapel, and include these in the time capsule. Extra decorations and other small mementos can be a great addition to your wedding time capsule.

Wedding Day Picture Frame

A customized wedding day picture frame can be another great wedding gift idea. You may want to add their names or the wedding date to the frame. Make your gift even better by purchasing some extra wedding photos directly from us at the chapel and ensuring that the photo frame is already filled with memories for them to display in their home.  

Marriage License Holder

Another great idea for a wedding gift for couples that are living together includes a holder for their marriage license. This is another convenient option because it can be purchased from our chapel. These marriage license holders can provide immediate protection for their marriage license.

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Extra Flowers or Other Decorations

A great wedding gift idea for couples that are living together is a gift that will help to make their wedding day even more special. You can purchase flowers from our chapel to improve the decoration on their wedding day! These gifts can be a great, sentimental way to improve their wedding experience.

Personalized Wedding Shadow Box

A wedding shadow box is another opportunity to make their wedding day memorable. Consider creating a personalized wedding shadow box to help them memorialize their wedding. This shadow box can contain dried flowers from their wedding or other special mementos. Creating the ideal wedding shadow box can be an incredibly elegant addition to the décor of their home.

Personalized Clock

A personalized clock can be an excellent way to have a constant reminder of their special day. Consider having a clock constructed that has a quote, their names, and the date of their wedding. This will enable them to hang the clock in their home and have a reminder every time they check the time.

Wine Delivery Membership

A delivery membership can be a great idea for couples that are living together. With a wine delivery membership, they will be able to conveniently have their favorites delivered to their home. This will help them to take their “stay at home date night” to the next level.

Spa Gift Card

Self-care is important, even for those that are in a happy relationship. A spa gift card can be an incredibly beneficial gift for couples that are living together. This will allow them to spend some time on self-care and improve their overall relaxation and comfort.

There are several excellent wedding gift ideas for couples that are living together. These gift ideas are often particularly sentimental and can greatly improve their wedding experience. With our team at The Little Vegas Chapel, you can often purchase amazing wedding gifts directly at the chapel. For more excellent ideas for wedding gifts, contact us at The Little Vegas Chapel today!

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