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Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

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Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Have you ever thought about the wedding you’re attending this weekend only to realize that you forgot about the gift? Last minute wedding gift ideas can be a lifeline in these situations. If you need a last minute wedding gift idea, you may want to consider purchasing extra flowers for the ceremony or a frame for their wedding pictures. These ideas can be easily obtained in short periods of time. In fact, you can even purchase some of these gifts directly at our chapel at The Little Vegas Chapel. 

Extra Flowers

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Extra flowers can make their wedding day even more special. When you need a fast wedding gift, you can purchase extra flowers to improve the decoration of their ceremony, or upgrade the bridal bouquet. Wedding decorations can easily rack up expenses. By purchasing extra flowers as a wedding gift, you can help to remove some of the burden from the couple. This will enable them to have a beautiful wedding without requiring a substantial amount of expenses. If this is the route you are considering taking, you can consult with our team at The Little Vegas Chapel for more information about purchasing extra flowers for the wedding. 

Holder for Marriage License

Many couples overlook the marriage license holder when they are planning the other aspects of their wedding. The longer a marriage license goes without a proper holder, the more likely it will be to sustain damage. Due to this, purchasing a marriage license holder as a wedding gift can be a great last minute gift. This is another option that is available for purchase directly from our chapel. Purchasing a marriage license holder will enable them to protect their marriage license immediately on the day of their wedding, which will allow them to focus on other things. 

Additional Wedding Photos

The wedding day is likely to be one of the memories that the couple will want to treasure forever. To help them in this endeavor, you can purchase additional wedding photos as a last minute wedding gift. We are able to provide these wedding photos at the chapel, which further improves the overall convenience of your gift. Purchasing additional wedding photos for the couple is a thoughtful gift that they will treasure. 

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Honeymoon Experience

If you know where the couple is going on their honeymoon, you might want to consider purchasing an experience for them. Purchasing an experience can help make their honeymoon even more special. In addition to being a great gift, it is also a rather convenient option. In most scenarios, you can print out a barcode or even email them the ticket for the experience. You may be able to purchase this gift immediately before the ceremony if you happen to need a very last minute gift. 


Everyone likes cash. The popularity allows cash to be an excellent last minute gift idea for all kinds of situations. Cash allows them to spend the money in whatever way they want. However, if you intend to give the couple cash for their wedding gift, you will want to ensure that you get fresh, clean bills from the bank. Bills that have obviously been sitting in your wallet for months will not make a good impression. Choose a nice card and leave the cash in that. You may even want to mail it directly to the couple to minimize what they will have to keep track of on the day of their wedding.  

When you need a gift at the last possible minute, any of these ideas can be great options. At this point, time and convenience will be critical in purchasing the right gift. If you still need to purchase a gift when attending a wedding at The Little Vegas Chapel, you can do so directly through us! We can provide frames for their wedding license, additional wedding photos, or extra flowers. For more information about how to choose a wedding gift at the last minute, contact us at The Little Vegas Chapel today!

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