Simple Dress Options For Your Las Vegas Wedding

Simple Wedding Dress Options For Your Las Vegas Wedding

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Las Vegas weddings are often known for being quick and easy, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice tradition. A wedding dress has become such an iconic part of a wedding, that you should spend time selecting one that fits your body type and helps you feel beautiful. Some brides can get so stressed by all the elements of wedding planning they simply don’t have time to pick their perfect wedding dress. Fortunately, The Little Vegas Chapel believes in helping couples create dream weddings complete by offering wedding dresses rentals. Our stylish and modern dresses are here to help brides in need of a beautiful dress, and those that do not want to purchase a wedding dress. We do ask that you call our Las Vegas wedding chapel to discuss the wedding dresses we have available and to ensure the one you need is rented prior to your ceremony.

Know Your Body Style

Everyone has a different body type and it’s always important to try on multiple styles until you find that dress that does match your body type. Take a minute to think about the way you see yourself as a bride and what you’d like to ideally look like. Having a vision in your head will make it easier to narrow down the choices when you do come and look at the dresses.

Hair and Makeup

Sometimes the wedding dress is dependent upon your hair and makeup. If you have a certain style you are determined to have, you want to make sure the dress you select will be able to match. Ringlets and other hairstyles don’t always match every single dress on the rack. We can help you sort through the various wedding dress selection details until you find that perfect dress.

Formal or Informal

Another great way to choose a wedding dress is to know what your wedding style is. Are you planning to have a formal or informal wedding day? We recommend wedding dresses that will allow you to move and dance if you plan on having a flashy Las Vegas ceremony. However, for those hoping for a traditional wedding ceremony, we can help here as well! We have several wedding dresses with traditional designs to make your special day truly magical. For those couples getting married in the Valley of Fire in the breathtaking red rocks, we recommend a romantic look for the ceremony. We find flirty ankle-length dresses are perfect for outdoor ceremonies.

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Some brides want to find trendy wedding dresses for their ceremony. While we do keep up with the latest trends, we do recommend carefully reviewing the latest trends. Sometimes we find the dresses that are designed for trends do not always age well and brides can regret the decision to opt for a trend dress over traditional. However, our goal at The Little Vegas Chapel has always been to bring you the best options for your wedding day and we are happy to help you find a dress that will bring a smile to your face.

The great thing about Las Vegas weddings is that there truly is no bad answer to choosing wedding dresses. You will be able to incorporate your personal style and fashion sense into the wedding ceremony.

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