Preparing for a Winter Wedding

Preparing for a Winter Wedding

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Wedding season has long belonged to summer, but there are many couples that want to have winter weddings to enjoy access to more venues, lower costs, and cooler weather! In Las Vegas, you have several options available to plan a memorable wedding. Las Vegas is home to over 300 weddings per day, which makes it one of the most popular wedding destinations.

Winter Wedding Planning

The best months to plan a Las Vegas wedding are January, February, and March. Why? Tourist season is in the summer and fall, which means the hotel costs are lower during this time, and you can easily get into some of the most popular shows for a lower cost as well. In most parts of the country, the winter months are quite cold, which is why couples often avoid winter weddings. On average, winter in Las Vegas averages from 60-73 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect weather for most people!

Save Money – Plan a Winter Wedding

Winter isn’t the peak time to get married, which is why a lot of couples choose to come to Las Vegas during this time. You can score major discounts on airfare along with all the accommodations to go with it. Your wedding guests may have an easier time coming during this time of year because they can afford it.  Some other areas where you can score excellent wedding discounts include:

Las Vegas Weddings – Indoor or Outdoor?

As you prepare for a winter wedding, you may be concerned about it being too cold. While the Las Vegas weather is normally comfortable, even if you choose to get married outside, you rarely run to risk of needing to move your wedding indoors. We love taking couples out to the middle of the Valley of Fire where you are surrounded by nature and it’s majestic red rock.

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

If there is a cooler winter storm, we do have an indoor wedding chapel you can move your wedding too. Our indoor venue is designed to have a traditional, or themed wedding look. We can do fun things like an Elvis-themed wedding or keep it more traditional with white dresses and tuxedos.

Creating a Wedding Style

Winter weddings do give you more options as vendors aren’t as busy. One of the things we love to do for our winter couples is to offer transportation to and from hotels. We have fun options for couples, including an authentic 1968 & 1970 Cadillac Coup de ville, just like Elvis used to drive! We have limousine and party bus options as well, allowing our guests to have every luxury available for a magical wedding.

Holiday Winter Wedding?

Do you want to get married on a holiday? Valentine’s Day is the most popular day of the year to get married. Many couples also choose to start the New Year on the right foot by getting married on January 1st. You will meet many other couples when you decide to get married on a holiday! Call us to discuss booking your wedding on a major holiday.

Embrace this less-than-popular wedding time of year! The Little Vegas Chapel is here to help you plan your dream wedding, and create a destination wedding for you and your guests without all the stress you could face by planning in the peak wedding season.

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  1. Hi, I liked your blog. Wedding season means summer but some people want to get married in winter, your blog will going to be helpful for them. Thank you for sharing your tips for winter wedding. Keep sharing.

  2. Hey, such a nice blog! It seems that you are really an updated blogger. I am also going to marry in December and your blog will definitely help me a lot. In your blog I found very good tips to save money(plan a winter wedding). Thank you so much for this blog. Keep sharing dear!

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