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How Do You Know If You Are Ready To Get Married In Vegas?

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If you’re looking to get married in Vegas, here are signs that you’re ready: If you’ve already answered the most common questions, such as, “Are we actually in love?” and others like, “Do I want to spend my life with my partner?” Once those questions are answered, then it’s time to ask more difficult questions: “Can our finances support marriage? If not, can we make it work?” Once you’ve answered positively, then it comes down to if you feel like you are ready. If so, The Little Vegas Chapel is the right choice for your Las Vegas chapel wedding!

As you’ve thought about marriage, you’ve probably already asked yourself many important questions like, “Am I financially stable?”, “Is my partner ready?”, “Is a Vegas chapel right for me?”

If you’re wondering if you are ready for marriage, here are some suggestions to consider, some of which you might not have thought about before:


Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

Before Marriage, Before “I Do”

You know those classic words spoken at weddings, “For rich or for poor, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.” Before you declare those two powerful words, “I do!” it’s important that you ask yourself an incredibly important question: “Am I ready for any of this?”


Here are important things to take into careful consideration before you start looking at rings and Las Vegas wedding chapels. Take your time, remove the rose-colored glasses, write your thoughts down, and think deeply and honestly.


Before Getting Married in Vegas, Make Sure That You Love You

One of the first things you should consider before marriage is how much you love yourself. Not like yourself, love yourself. You need to feel 100% happy with who you are before you tie yourself to someone else.


Before you can love yourself, you need to know yourself.

  • Will marriage make you happy?

  • Will marriage fulfill your hopes and dreams?

  • What are all the ways your life will improve with your spouse?

  • Life’s an adventure. Are you ready to bring a companion along?

It is important that your spouse be there to support you and help you feel happy. If your fiance makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you want to be better 


You’re Ready To Grow Together

One of the greatest things about marriage is that you’re both helping each other become the best version you both can be. You’re going to be superheroes, a regular dynamic duo. You’ve found each other, which means you’ve already got a lot going for you. Keep the momentum going to make the world your oyster.

  • Keep communicating. Not only will your connection grow stronger, but you’ll have moments of laughter so deep that your sides will be sore.
  • Be affectionate. You’ve found a person you love so much that you decided to spend the rest of your life with them. Let them know you got the best of the best (and they did too!)
  • Even when you’re married, you’re still dating. Make an effort to keep learning about one another

Getting married is like blasting off from the launch pad. If you’re ready to soar right up among the stars with the greatest copilot you could ask for, then get yourselves over to Little Vegas chapel and book your wedding today.

You’ve Found The Perfect Partner, Why Not Tie The Knot

When you get married, you’re gaining a spouse, not a placeholder. This is the person who you are vowing to be with “as long as you both shall live,” so you need to view them in that perspective.


  • If you’re talking marriage but are waiting until the absolute last second to delete those dating apps, then you’re not ready.
  • You know how people say, “You found a good one. Better hold on to that one.” There is something to that. You have found an amazing partner. Hold on to them.

Remember, keeping your thumb exercised to “swipe right” on someone else doesn’t bode well for a long term relationship, let alone marriage. Besides, why would you want to? 


Your marriage is going to be one of the happiest days of your life. Your jaw is going to be sore from smiling so much. You’ll want to show anyone and everyone photos of how amazing of an experience your wedding was. And it is all because you found the perfect person for you and decided to make it last forever. 


You Take Part In Your Partner’s Hobbies (And Vice-Versa)

You may have had a relationship in the past where you, for the life of you, couldn’t get your partner to do anything you enjoyed doing. That problem can go both ways. A relationship where you’re not willing to participate in things your significant other enjoys can grow really old, really fast.

  • Do you make an effort to take an interest in your partner’s hobby?
  • Do they reciprocate?
  • What are things you both have in common?
  • What’s stopping you from getting out and doing those things?

You should do the things you love and do them with the people you love. It puts a smile on your face, so make it a priority. It’s amazing how quickly something can become important to you, simply because it is important to those you love, and that means your partner. 

If Everything Feels Right, Here’s What You Do

If you are feeling good about these things, then let’s get started.

Contact Little Vegas Chapel to set up your wedding, or to learn more information on how we can make this a day to remember. Explore our options so that you can have the wedding you’re dreaming of.

This is going to be the day that you’ll talk about for years to come: Your best day, with the best person, at the best little chapel that Las Vegas has to offer. You both are setting out to take the world by storm, and we want to give you the proper send-off. 

You know you’re ready. Book your Las Vegas Wedding today.

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