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Wedding Trends to Carry into the New Year

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Wedding Trends to Carry into the New Year

There are many wedding trends from 2020 that we are happy to see come with us into the year 2021. Learning about the most popular wedding trends can help to provide you with ideas about what you want for your own wedding. This often enables you to plan more effectively and ensure that you can get everything you want out of your wedding. Our team at The Little Vegas Chapel can help you to plan the wedding of your dreams. Here are a few of the 2020 wedding trends that you should know about.

Flower Clouds

The way weddings have handled flowers has begun to shift in recent years. Flower clouds are a modification on traditional floral hangings to decorate the venue. These flower clouds are set to hover above the heads of your guests, conveying the appearance of carefree clouds, which can provide a unique, beautiful atmosphere. In addition, it is starting to be more common to see dried flowers rather than fresh varieties as the decoration for a wedding venue. The added benefit of these dried flowers is that you don’t have to throw them away after a few weeks; they can be kept as a reminder of your perfect wedding. You may even consider having them framed so that they can be displayed in your home.

Statement Veils

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Statement veils are another popular wedding trend. These veils, also commonly called “cathedral veils,” are the long, exquisite veils that brush the floor. They tend to be embellished, which further draws attention and makes a statement. These veils can be used to truly make a statement, as the name would suggest. The veil that you choose can also be a great way to help you personalize your wedding ceremony and make it into an event to remember. Non-traditional dresses are another growing trend, such as wearing black dresses or dresses in bright colors.

Classic Colors

Classic colors are beginning to appear more commonly in weddings. Blue is a particularly popular addition to weddings. However, these “classic” colors have taken a trend away from the pastel varieties that were previously so popular for weddings. If you’ve been dreaming about implementing a classic color at your wedding, now is the time for you to shine!

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When it comes to decoration for weddings, trends have decidedly shifted toward the “less is more” mentality. Wedding trends tend to exhibit more monochrome color schemes and simplistic decorations. This simplicity is often extremely elegant in its use.  

Bold Colors

Bold colors are another color-related trend we saw in 2020. While weddings used to be mainly pastels or blacks and whites, it is now increasingly common to see bright, bold colors. These colors can be leveraged to help you to make a statement for your ceremony. As was previously mentioned, blue tends to be the most popular color that is currently being used in weddings.

Cake Trends

Decoration for the wedding cake is another aspect where wedding trends are often focused. There has been a growing demand for “fault line” cakes, where the cake is baked in a manner so that there appears to be a distinct line running through the cake. Rather than a perfectly straight line on a more traditional wedding cake, this line often follows a zigzag pattern. These fault line cakes help to create a pristine balance between appearance and taste.

Sugarflower cakes are another common wedding trend. These cakes are decorated with edible flowers constructed of sugar. The use of these cakes helps to provide you with more options over the appearance of your cake, such as using different colors for the sugarflowers. This is another trend that is as tasty as it is aesthetically-pleasing.  

Round Ceremonies

The configuration of wedding ceremonies has seen a shift in trends as well. Round ceremonies are growing more common in recent weddings. These round ceremonies have the chairs circled around the altar, rather than in rows in front of the altar. This can help to provide a unique atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. In addition to this, circles symbolize eternity and unity, which is particularly fitting for use in a wedding ceremony.

Grazing Tables

Rather than having specific and separate meals, grazing tables are growing more popular for use in a wedding reception. These tables involve leaving the food available for guests on a table that is available throughout the reception. This makes it convenient for guests to graze throughout the party. It also marks a shift in the foods that are commonly used at weddings. Instead of meals, it is more common to offer “finger foods” or other foods that are acceptable for snacking. Non-traditional catering is another growing trend, often for this same reason.

Sustainable Weddings

Sustainable weddings are another common wedding trend. These weddings focus on sustainable practices that are good for the environment. Low waste strategies often help to make a wedding sustainable. Keeping sustainability in mind can go a long way toward reducing the impact that your wedding may make on the earth, which is why this trend has been consistently growing in popularity.


One trend that has come about specifically because of the events of 2020 is the rise of “micro-weddings.” Micro-weddings are essentially a happy medium between traditional elopements and a standard wedding. These smaller weddings are more affordable and have been better able to comply with social distancing standards. Micro-weddings can be a great way to include your loved ones in your special day without going overboard (and over budget) in the process. Our team at The Little Vegas Chapel is particularly well-equipped to help you plan a micro-wedding ceremony that will meet all of your specific needs.

Roaring 20’s

It seems fitting that with the new decade has come a return to the roaring 20’s. Gatsby-like events, such as fancy galas, are returning with a vengeance. A “Roaring 20’s” themed reception can be a great way to make your event memorable.

These are just a few of the wedding trends that you should know about. Our experts can help to provide you with tips and ideas to help you plan the wedding that will meet all of your expectations. To learn more about common wedding trends or how to plan your wedding with us, contact us at The Little Vegas Chapel today!

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