How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

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Flowers are the heart of a wedding ceremony. Each flower represents a different belief and symbol in wedding culture. Colors play an important role in wedding planning as well. Red flowers traditionally symbolize passion, pink signifies joy, and white is closely associated with purity and innocence. There’s no doubt that the right flowers will encompass your wedding day vision.

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Our last blog post discussed the cost of a wedding photographer. In this roundup, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about wedding flowers and how much of your budget to put toward this important wedding element.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of wedding flowers.

Wedding Flower Cost Guide

Whether you want peonies, roses, or forget-me-nots in your bouquets and centerpieces, the fact is, flowers can get expensive – especially if you add in beautiful elements and accents. You’ll likely have to allot a large portion of your budget to blooms if you envision them playing a significant part in your wedding ceremony and reception.

Although the price of your wedding flowers cost will vary depending on your unique style and preferences, the average cost of wedding flowers in the United States is roughly $1,500. This number can go up or down depending on the amount and type of flowers you choose for your wedding day. Choosing locally grown, in-season flowers will guarantee quality blooms with the lowest price tag.

How Much is a Bride’s Bouquet?

The bridal bouquet is the perfect finishing touch to the bride’s big day. It should be tied to perfection and embellished with love. The cost will vary depending on the type of flowers and size and intricacy of the design. With that being said, the average cost of a bridal bouquet is $160.

What’s Covered in a Wedding Florist’s Prices?

Although wedding florists have different pricing and packages, here’s what you can expect when you hire your wedding florist.


To get an idea of your style, your wedding florist should set up a consultation to discuss your vision for your wedding. Your venue, color palette, season, and personality will help your florist create a proposal that describes the arrangements they’ll create as well as the prices. During your consultation, make sure to be up-front with your florist about your budget. Although you should feel free to give guidelines, feel free to give the florist creative license to select the blooms that make the most sense based on your bottom line, style, and palette.

Sending Samples

Once you sign on the dotted line, make sure to ask your florist to provide sample arrangements. Otherwise, you may end up with unexpected mistakes on your special day.

Flower Ordering

A large part of your budget and the florist’s time will be spent hand selecting, ordering, and purchasing your flowers from their local grower or wholesaler.

Perfecting and Storage

Your florist’s job doesn’t stop after they order the flowers. Once the blooms arrive at their floral shop, your florist will work on perfecting your flowers by taking thorns off of roses, trimming unsightly petals, and creating beautiful arrangements. After they look in tip-top shape, your florist will store them in a refrigerated space to keep them fresh all the way up until your wedding day.

Delivery and Set Up

When your big day finally arrives, your florist will deliver and set up your flower arrangements at your venue, so you can spend more time getting pampered. They’ll make sure that your bouquets, boutineers, alters, and table arrangements lool Instagram-worthy.

FAQs About Wedding Flowers

How Can I Save Money on Wedding Flowers?

While quality wedding photography requires a decent portion of your budget, there are ways to save on your photography package. Here are our best tips for a floral-filled celebration that doesn’t break the bank.

  • Book in your florist in advance
  • Refer a friend for a discount
  • Choose only two flowers
  • Repurpose your flowers
  • Hire local
  • Choose in-season blooms
  • Swap out costly stems

When Should You Hire a Wedding Florist?

If you haven’t found your florist yet, no need to worry. Most couples don’t make their final decision until seven months before their big day, so you can rest assured knowing you have ample time to make up your mind.

Should You Tip Your Wedding Florist?

It is customary to tip your florist. However, this is completely up to you.

Our Las Vegas Floral Services

We want your wedding to be one that you will always remember fondly. Our wedding packages include several styles of flowers and floral arrangements that are tailored to match the essence of your wedding. We always work hard to relieve the stress burden related to planning your special day, so let our experienced florists and wedding coordinators help by offering custom flowers for you.

Browse through our gallery of flowers to see some of our amazing modern floral arrangements created for our couples. We work with our guests to ensure they both feel their personalities and tastes are represented in their floral arrangements.

The prices for our elegant floral arrangements are:

  • 3 Rose Bouquet and Boutonniere: $45
  • 6 Rose Bouquet and Boutonniere: $65
  • Spring Hydrangea Bouquet and Boutonniere: $125
  • Rustic Bouquet and Boutonniere: $185
  • Desert Bouquet and Boutonniere: $185

Enjoy a Free Three Rose Bouquet & Boutonniere at The Little Vegas Chapel

Free three rose bouquet and boutonniere or 3 rose upgrade and matching boutonniere with any ceremony $199 and greater!

Booking must be made on or before August 15th, 2019. Valid for any ceremony in 2019.

Type in 3ROSE4ME in the Add Promo section when booking! No substitutions. No cash value.

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Flowers make the best finishing touches to your perfect wedding. Trust The Little Vegas Chapel to create a unique wedding bouquet, floral arrangements, and decor for you that will give you a wonderful, long-lasting memory to share with your new spouse. Contact us today to discuss your wedding flowers and let us help you plan your dream wedding in Las Vegas!

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