Pink Cadillac Wedding

Viva Las Vegas from Argentina!

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Picture this: You and your partner renewing your vows with Elvis in a comfortable Las Vegas chapel? Your wedding or vow renewal needs to be perfect and meet your needs. How can you accomplish this goal if you want to get married in Las Vegas, but you live in a different country? The Little Vegas Chapel works with numerous couples from all over the world, hoping to have their wedding in Las Vegas. Our expert wedding planners, officiants, and assistants have years of experience planning and coordinating weddings in addition to making sure the wedding ceremony holds true to the couple. Recently we had a couple from Argentina get married in our Las Vegas wedding chapel.

Pink Cadillac Wedding
Pink Cadillac Wedding

Friendship Ceremony With Elvis

This couple came all the way from Argentina to get do a friendship ceremony with Elvis! This couple is what a Vegas wedding is all about!  They declared their love without any of the legalities! We can make it happen! Our goal is to ensure that the couple feels the wedding meets their needs and expectations. We always want to exceed those expectations, and we work hard before your wedding to keep you in the loop with the wedding plans. We designed multiple custom wedding packages to give couples a broad range of wedding planning services so you can select which ones will suit you best.

Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

One of our favorite parts of planning and performing weddings is seeing a couple come to Las Vegas and truly take in all that this beautiful city has to offer. While the Las Vegas sign and all the lights are enough to impress anyone, we can go a step further and even take you out to the red rocks of the desert for your wedding ceremony. A wedding is a declaration of love between two people. We want to give you all the options available to find the right location for your Vegas wedding.

Cruising in Style

Our customers from Argentina enjoyed one of the many perks our guests receive when they book with our chapel and get to enjoy cruising the strip in a limo or a custom Pink Cadillac, just like the one Elvis used to drive. The Little Vegas Chapel will pick you up from your hotel and escort you to our chapel or destination wedding site. We want to let you feel special the entire day and cruising the strip in a replica pink Cadillac is one of the best ways to enhance your wedding day.

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

Custom Weddings – Including All Nationalities, Genders, and Sexual Orientation

We firmly believe in equality and always stand behind our right to offer wedding services in Las Vegas to any couple. We often work with guests with various nationalities and sexual orientation. We do not discriminate against anyone, and we are proud to be one of the first Las Vegas wedding chapels providing gay marriages. We recommend calling our wedding chapel if you do have special requests for your wedding.

Wedding Planning Made Simple

Any time someone is from a different country, we focus on getting to know the person and finding ways to bridge any language or culture boundaries problems. We always want to focus on making the wedding day as special and stress-free as possible. The Little Vegas Chapel ensures your wedding will be memorable for you and all your wedding guests. We have unique wedding packages that represent both spouses appropriately, and always focus on finding ways to stay updated with the latest wedding trends and ideas. Learn from our friends in Argentina and make the best decision you will ever make, booking your Las Vegas wedding from The Little Vegas Chapel!

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  1. I want a friendship ceremony, ceremony for fun, I want the Minister of ceremony who speaks Italian, it’s possible?

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