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Las Vegas Strip Wedding Chapel
Top Las Vegas Strip Wedding Chapel
The Best Last Vegas Strip Wedding Chapel

If you’re looking for the top Las Vegas Strip wedding chapel for your party, you could not have found a better chapel than the Little Vegas Chapel. Our chapel offers the most options at the absolute best prices you can find on the world-famous Vegas Strip. If you’re not prepared to get married (trust us, we are used to this actually), don’t worry, the Little Vegas Chapel has you covered. You don’t know how many people have stumbled into our chapel ready to get married but without their tux and gown. A problem? Don’t sweat it! We have an awesome selection of bridal tuxes and gowns for all sizes, as well as shoes and other important accessories.

We also have the best Elvis weddings in Las Vegas, with national award-winning Elvis impersonators on staff who can also act as your wedding officiant if need be.

Interested in learning more about how the Little Vegas Chapel can help you have the most memorable, fun, and affordable wedding possible? Please don’t hesitate to call our Las Vegas Strip wedding chapel directly at 702-385-5683. And please, feel free to visit us in person at:

2207 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104 | Contact Us Today!

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

And no matter what happens, congratulations on finding that special someone!

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