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Tips for Planning a Vegas Wedding

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Tips for Planning a Vegas Wedding

Are you getting started on planning your Vegas wedding? When you are planning your Vegas wedding, it is beneficial to look for various packages, consider the weather, and do your research to ensure you make the right decisions for your wedding. Our experts at The Little Vegas Chapel are passionate about providing you with the comprehensive services that you need to have your ideal Vegas wedding. We even offer additional services to help you customize your wedding to meet your own particular needs. Vegas weddings are extremely popular due to the many advantages that they are able to provide. Here are a few of our best tips for planning a Vegas wedding.

Look for Packages

Vegas wedding

There are many places that offer comprehensive packages when it comes to planning your Vegas wedding. At The Little Vegas Chapel, for example, we offer an array of packages, including Elvis weddings, traditional weddings, and much more. When you work with us for your Vegas wedding, you can leave many of the details up to our dedicated team. We are also able to offer additional wedding services to meet all of the needs of your wedding. Whether you need professional makeup services or limousine transportation, our team can meet all of these demands. Working with us can substantially simplify the planning of your Vegas wedding. Choosing a package deal won’t only make your wedding planning easier, but it will also save you a substantial amount of money on your wedding expenses.    

Plan for Travel

The majority of Vegas weddings are destination weddings. People come from around the world to get married in Vegas. Since you will likely be traveling for your wedding, it is important to ensure that you plan for your particular mode of travel. If you intend to fly to Vegas, you will want to ensure that you have your flight booked. You may also want to reserve a rental car to make it easier to travel around town. Lyft and Uber are additional great alternatives for your transportation while you’re in Vegas. Whatever method of travel you intend to use, it is beneficial to look into it in advance so that you can schedule your travel accommodations accordingly.

Consider the Weather

Las Vegas tends to boast warm, sunny weather throughout the year, which is one of the reasons it is such a popular destination. Considering the weather will help you to plan for the most comfortable wedding possible. If you intend to have an outdoor wedding in the summer, for example, you will likely want to ensure that you schedule the wedding in the evening, as it gets cooler. The temperatures often exceed 100 degrees in the summer months. In the winter, the temperatures tend to hover around 60 degrees and the very coldest days don’t dip much below the 40s.

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

Learn Marriage Requirements

When you start planning your Vegas wedding, you will want to ensure that you meet all of the marriage requirements. In order to get a marriage license, both individuals must be at least 18 years old and provide valid, government-issued photo ID. If you are a United States citizen, you will also have to provide your social security number on the applicable form. It is also often recommended that you visit their website to fill out paperwork prior to visiting in person to file for your marriage license. This will expedite your process and prevent long waits.

Plan Some Activities

One of the reasons why Vegas is such a popular destination for weddings is the array of activities that are available in the area. When you are planning your Vegas wedding, you will likely want to plan some fun Vegas activities to look forward to. This will help you to plan more effectively for all of your time in Vegas. Take care not to overschedule your vacation, though. When you are planning your wedding, the last thing you want is to have every other minute booked with back to back activities. Plan enough to look forward to, but not enough to feel overwhelmed. From world-renowned shows to themed casinos, there are many things to experience while you are in Las Vegas. Do some research to determine what activities you want to do during your trip.  

Set a Budget

It is important to ensure that you set a wedding budget when you begin planning your wedding. Setting a budget will help you to ensure that you are being financially responsible when you make various decisions for your wedding. It is essential to ensure that you know how much you can afford to spend on your wedding, as well as how much you want to spend on your wedding. This will be extremely valuable when you are trying to decide on the kind of ceremony you want or the Vegas activities you want to participate in before or after the wedding.

Do your Research

Spend some time on research while you are planning your Vegas wedding. Doing some research will help to ensure that you make the right decisions for your perfect Vegas wedding. With the appropriate research, you will be able to identify what your priorities are for your own wedding, as well as what you are willing to invest in your wedding. A little research will go a long way toward ensuring your wedding will meet all of your needs. When you combine the research with your budgeting process, you will be able to set specific plans for your wedding.

Choose a Date

Choosing a wedding date is one of the most important first steps to take when you are planning your wedding. Identifying the date will help you to ensure that the venue you are looking into is available on the day that you need. Choosing a date will involve many different considerations, such as meaningful dates to you or even simply dates that will have beautiful weather. Once you have chosen a date, you will be able to schedule whatever services you need for the actual day of your wedding.

Choose a Venue

The venue is often one of the first places you want to look into when you are planning a Vegas wedding. Our experts at The Little Vegas Chapel can help to provide you with the perfect venue to ensure that all of your Vegas wedding needs can be met. We are proud to host the ideal Vegas weddings that are guaranteed to meet all of your needs. Choosing a venue is usually one of the biggest components of planning your wedding, so it can be beneficial to do this part earlier rather than later.  Blue Nile has compiled a list of wedding venues to further help you make the right choice for your big day. You can find their blog Here.

Make Reservations

As we mentioned previously, most Vegas weddings are destination weddings. This means that you need to ensure that you reserve your hotel room. Look into procuring a suite or another room suitable for a wedding celebration! It may also be beneficial to consider the location of the hotel where you plan to stay in comparison to the activities that you intend to engage in. Convenience may be an incredibly beneficial factor to consider when you are making reservations for your hotel room.

Decide on a Season

Due to the variations in temperature, it is important to ensure that you decide on the right season for your wedding during the wedding planning stage. Have you always wanted a fall wedding? Is there a particular date that you have your heart set on? Keeping this in mind and remembering the warm weather in Vegas will help you to plan accordingly to ensure that you and your guests stay comfortable.

Stay Hydrated

Once you make it to Vegas, you want to ensure that you take extra care to stay hydrated. The air in Vegas can be incredibly dry, which can lead to dehydration for those that are unused to the climate. Make an extra effort to drink plenty of water to ensure that you remain healthy and comfortable on your wedding day.

Consider Hiring a Hair and Makeup Artist

If you want to hire a hair and makeup artist, you might want to incorporate this into your wedding planning. At The Little Vegas Chapel, we offer professional hair and makeup as some of our additional services to ensure that your process can be as convenient as possible. You can consult with us for your hair and makeup services to ensure the ideal process for your wedding day. We can also provide you with additional recommendations to make your wedding day as perfect as possible.

These tips can help you to plan your perfect Vegas wedding. When you work with our experts at The Little Vegas Chapel, you can be confident that your Vegas wedding is going to meet all of your needs. To learn more about the most important things to keep in mind when planning a Vegas wedding or the various services that we have available to help you with your wedding planning, contact us at The Little Vegas Chapel today!

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