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Tips for Picking a Wedding Dress

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Tips for Picking a Wedding Dress

When you are planning a wedding, there is a good chance that picking a wedding dress is high on your list of priorities. There are many options available for picking a wedding dress, which can make the task feel more overwhelming. When you need to pick a wedding dress, it is beneficial to take some time to figure out your budget and make appointments to try on dresses. After you have picked out your wedding dress, our experts at The Little Vegas Chapel are available to help you pull your wedding together. We provide an array of services, including make-up artists, limousine transportation, and professional photography. Here are a few of our top tips for picking a wedding dress.

Find Styles you Like

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Ultimately, the most important thing about choosing the right dress is that you like it. Take some time to consider the various styles that you personally like. By identifying the styles that you like, you will be able to narrow down your choices to find a wedding dress that you’ll love. It can also be beneficial to consider styles that may be ideal for your body type. Look at many different types of dresses to help provide you with inspiration regarding what you like and don’t like.  

Make Appointments to Try Them On

When you are trying to choose the right wedding dress, it is essential to ensure that you try them on. Make appointments with bridal shops near you to try on wedding dresses. Trying on many different styles and types of wedding dresses will help you to get a better idea about your own preferences and the kind of wedding dress you want. It may be beneficial to make appointments with multiple bridal shops to get a better idea of the different options that are available at each shop. This will also help you to compare the service and quality of dresses between each bridal shop.

Bring the Undergarments you Intend to Wear

Your undergarments can have a large impact on the overall appearance of your wedding dress. In fact, changing the undergarments that you intend to wear can actually change the fit of the dress, which can make any alterations ineffective. When you try on wedding dresses and go for fittings, you will want to ensure that you bring the undergarments that you intend to wear. This will help you to get the right fit, as well as get an accurate idea regarding the overall appearance you can expect on your wedding day. This will also help to ensure that you are effectively prepared for the wedding! The last thing that you want is to realize that you don’t have a strapless bra that you need as you’re on your way to the wedding.

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Be Open to Trying New Dresses

In some cases, you won’t know what you truly like until you try it. Being open to trying new dresses can help to give you a better idea about the right dresses to meet your needs and preferences. Even if you think you can’t pull off a particular style, you might want to consider giving it a try! You may be surprised about what you like when it comes to different styles of wedding dresses. However, you should still generally avoid shopping for wedding dresses that are substantially out of your wedding budget because this can result in overspending, which can create problems for other aspects of wedding planning.

Shop Early

Start shopping for your wedding dress early! If you are rushed to find a wedding dress, you may find that you end up settling for a dress that you don’t completely love and feel confident in. By shopping early, you can ensure that you have ample time to find the right dress. This will also allow enough time for having alterations and adjustments made. Picking a wedding dress early on will often help you to plan other aspects of your wedding, as well, especially if you are considering planning a theme around the dress. Shopping early can be beneficial in coordinating with your bridal party and their dresses, as well.

Figure Out your Budget

It is no secret that wedding dresses can be incredibly expensive! When you first begin the process of dress shopping, you will need to figure out what you can budget for the dress. Ensure that you stick to this budget! Communicate your budget to your dress consultants and make it clear that you are not interested in seeing dresses that are outside of this budget. Deciding on the right budget will enable you to narrow down your choices and plan accordingly for your wedding. It may be possible to use the wedding dress from your mother or grandmother to save money, but you will still want to budget for the cost of alterations.

Consider your Theme

Sometimes a bride wants her wedding dress to match the theme of the wedding. If you have already picked out a theme, you may want to keep this in mind as you shop for your dress. If you haven’t decided on a theme, you may be able to choose a theme to match the wedding dress. Keeping the theme in mind will often enable you to plan a beautiful, cohesive ceremony that complements your dress perfectly. This is also important if you are considering a unique color for your dress because you will want to ensure it matches your wedding colors.  

Think About Shopping on a Weekday

If at all possible, you may want to consider scheduling your wedding dress shopping on a weekday rather than a weekend. Weekends at bridal shops tend to be much busier than weekdays. When you shop on a weekday, you will be able to receive better service, as well as ensure you are able to take as much time as you need to make the right decision for your own particular situation. Ensure that you make an appointment with them, as well, even if you intend to go on a weekday.  

Pay Attention to the Fabric

The fabric that your wedding dress is made out of will have a huge impact on the overall appearance, feel, and care that your dress will require. Consider various types of fabric that you like and try to choose a wedding dress that will meet these needs. This will help you to care appropriately for your wedding dress and ensure that you choose a wedding dress that you love. You will also want to keep the season in mind when you are choosing fabric. In the summer, you may want a more lightweight material than in the winter.

Wear the Shoes you Plan on Wearing

When you are picking a wedding dress, you will want to consider the shoes that you plan on wearing. Wearing the shoes to your appointments will help to ensure that the wedding dress is the right length. When the wedding dress is too long, it may become a tripping hazard. If it is too short, it may not provide the exact appearance that you want. Wearing the shoes to the fitting will help you to prevent these issues.

Ask your Party

If you are having trouble choosing between a few wedding dresses, you might want to consider asking your wedding party for input. Remember that the ultimate decision will be up to you but having the input of your friends and family members can help you to be more confident in your decision.

Be Open with your Consultant

When you are searching for a wedding dress, it can be useful to communicate clearly with your consultant. Consider the various things that you want from your wedding dress and communicate these requirements to your consultant. Ensure that you tell them about your budget and how much you intend to spend on your dress. If you don’t like a particular dress, tell them that. Being open with them will help them help you. Communicate what you like and don’t like to ensure that they can help you find a dress that you will love.

List the Pros and Cons

If you’re having a particularly difficult time choosing between a few dresses, you may want to take some time to list the pros and cons of each dress. This will help you to make the best decision for your situation. Keep in mind that alterations may be made to reduce some of the cons, but this will result in extra expenses. Listing the pros and cons will enable you to make the best decision for your wedding dress.

Once you’ve picked out your wedding dress, we’ve got the services necessary to bring the rest of your wedding together. Working with us can help you to simplify your wedding planning process and ensure you can have the right wedding to fit your needs. For more information about the services that we offer at The Little Vegas Chapel, contact our experts today!

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