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Summer Wedding Color Schemes You’ll Love for Vegas!

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Let’s be honest, summer weddings are amazing. Between those months of May and September, the grass is green, the sun is warm, flowers have bloomed. And let’s not forget the colors! If you’re planning on tying the knot in the summer, here are some great color schemes that brighten up one of the greatest days of your life. Whether pastel and soft or bold and shining, you’re sure to find something that will stand out to you.

What Are Good Summer Wedding Colors?

If you’re looking for summer wedding colors, you can never go wrong by choosing hues that reflect the sunny vibes and energetic mood of this time of year (such as pinks and yellows). The summer season is a great time to incorporate earthy color palettes, since many weddings take place at outdoor wedding venues or locations filled with natural beauty such as parks and beaches. Neutral tones like sage green work well while muted colors of taupe seem perfect in rustic settings that require more depth than lightness provides.

The summer heat is perfect for a laid-back wedding. If you’re getting married at an elegant formal garden venue, country club or show stopping rooftop terrace then try timeless hues like navy blue and blush pink in your color scheme to create that sophisticated vibe we all know so well from those classic weddings during this season!

For a more elegant summer wedding, choose timeless hues like navy blue and blush pink. For sophisticated color schemes that will last through the years seek out pale butter yellow or lilac as well as other romantic pastels such as light rose gold accents on tables instead of heavy metal ones in hopes they won’t rust too quickly during those hot months ahead!

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What Colors Go Well Together?

If you’re not looking for a monochromatic wedding, then don’t worry. Combining colors will be more for your benefit than your detriment. Down below we’ve included some color combo schemes that capture the summer spirit and will lend its comfortable yet energetic vibe to your big day.

Blue And Orange

Often, you’ll find just what you’re looking for with complementary colors, particularly a pastel or French blue and a peachy orange. The orange itself will give a bright zing to the decor while the blue will lend a softness that, when blended together, looks like the end of a summer day.

Violet And Apricot

One does not often associate a dark purple shade with summer, but balanced with the light oranginess of the apricot, it makes for a very pleasing range of color. Throw in some white and some lighter shades of purple like lavender and you’ve got a combination that will just feel happy and relaxed.

Hot Colors (Pink, Yellow, Gold)

When you think of summer, odds are something like lemonade might come to mind. Citrus-inspired colors like pink, yellow and orange add brightness and flavor to your big day and reflects celebration. These bright hues are whimsical and happy. We love how it looks when paired with metallic gold or natural rustic accents such as wood.

Green And White

Speaking of rustic, green and white pair together beautifully to achieve an outdoorsy fresh vibe. Whether you’re going for forest accents or tropical, these two colors are the way to go. Add in copper and you’ve created a palette that fits nearly all styles.

Pastel Shades Of Pink And Blue

This unlikely combo works in a variety of different styles, from modern classic (a great oxymoron) to rustic. If you’re going for a beautiful chic tone to your wedding colors, then this is a great one. It is airy and soft and can be easily applied from clothing to flowers to decor.

Neutral Colors

If you want a color scheme that will leave you and your guests feeling refreshed, sort of like a palate cleanser for the eyes. More earthy tones like greens, ivories, and beiges don’t have to be dull. Looking up wedding ideas with these color schemes might just surprise you.

There’s A Lot To Be Said For Lavender

Lavender and summer go hand-in-hand. This soft pastel purple reminds one of warm days and fields of those pretty flowers, and is particularly effective for a late spring or early summer wedding. Blending lavender with a blush-pink makes for a very pleasing color scheme.

Pink And Green

If you’re wanting to inspire the laid back and fresh emotions of a tropical wedding, hot pink and green are your new best friends. Balance these with proteas and laceleaf anthuriums to bring your wedding to the islands and add touches of white for a visual palate cleanser.

Cream, Mulberry (Or Burgundy), And Peach

This color scheme balances dark shades with soft tones. The darker reds and dusty whites can bring to mind summer berries and cream making for the picture of elegance. What makes this palette even more unique is that it is a different take on the bright and pastel colors that normally dominate summer weddings.

Red, White, And Blue (U.S.A.!)

Is your wedding near the Fourth of July or Memorial Day? Or are you simply wanting to show a patriotism that means so much to the pair of you? Using shades of red, white, and blue make a very pleasing and classic style that will have your wedding feeling homey and comfortable. Summer is a fantastic time to do it and is a great show of what makes this country great – the union of the American family.

Yellow, Green, And…

Green and gray will add a cozy and rustic feel to your wedding, but touching it with tones of a lemon yellow will add a brightness that turn the color scheme into a beautiful garden-themed wedding. This palette is like a breath of fresh clean air on a summer day and brings to mind orchards and summer gardens, especially if you are going for an “open-air” theme.

Blue And White

This simple combination is beautiful in so many ways. Silky and clean, it is a timeless palette that has persisted for generations. No matter your theme, shades of blue and white somehow fit seamlessly right in.

Whatever Colors You Choose, Book Little Vegas Chapel As Your Venue

Here at the Little Vegas Chapel, we’ve seen all sorts of themes and colors for weddings. And what better colors than summer ones for Las Vegas! This is your wedding, your big day, and we want everything to go off flawlessly, which is why we offer a wide selection of services to make sure that your special day goes off beautifully.

You can have access any one of our array of wedding packages, as well as photography, dessert, a reception area, flowers, and even a spa day for the bride and bridesmaids. Our goal is to make this such a happy occasion for you that the only trouble will be your mouth hurting from smiling so much.

Contact the Little Vegas Chapel today to book your dream wedding!

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