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Spring 2018 Wedding Trends

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Spring has finally arrived which means new trends and fads are here for couples looking to tie the knot in 2018! This season is all about romance and bringing back classic and vintage looks/decor for your big day. Wedding planners, floral designers, and vendors all around have worked hard to create the best trends for this new year. From textured and flowery designs and bold wedding dresses to soft patterns and elegant updos, keep reading below to look at the top spring 2018 wedding trends!

Wedding Decorations

spring 2018 wedding trends textured designsSource: A Byran Photo
hanging floral spring wedding trendsSource: Jose Villa

Textured and hanging pieces are here to create an interesting pop of noticeable decor for your guests to enjoy. Spring is a great time to channel your bohemian vibes, and the textured greenery from hanging floral pieces will add the perfect touch to your ceremony.

Wedding Dresses

black wedding dresses vintage trend

Heads up! Black is the new white this year for wedding dresses. Many brides are opting out of the traditional white or off-white wedding gowns for their special day, and are taking a bolder approach with black dresses. It takes a lot of confidence to go against the norm, but remember, confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear!

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vintage wedding trends sleeve dress

Long sleeve wedding dresses are making a huge comeback during this Spring 2018 wedding season. Sleeved dresses give off the impression of elegance. Depending on the style of dress you decide to go with on your wedding day, you can give your audience either a vintage look or bohemian feels.

pearl wedding trends spring

Speaking of vintage, pearls and other embellishments on your dress are back in style. Pearls and beddings on your wedding gown give the perfect classic feminine touch. Like your wedding decor, Intricate details are in this spring 2018 season, so why not add these details to your gown as well.

Wedding Hair

Source: Melanie Gabrielle
Source: Studio Castillero

Spring 2018 wedding trends are all about romantic and effortless hair looks for your special day. Textured low updos and ponytails are low maintenance, and will not need for you to run to the powder room every couple minutes to restyle your hair. Half-up/half-down styles are popular this wedding season as well, as many brides love the look of their tresses framing their face on their wedding day.

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