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Rules of (Holiday) Engagement

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Sure, the holiday season tends to be one of the slowest of the year for weddings, but did you know it tops the charts on engagements? And around here, nothing makes us happier than a couple getting engaged (well, except when the same couple actually ties the knot).

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Ways to Propose During The Holidays

If your holiday wish involves a ring and some wedding planning, here are a few ways you can pop the question in festive fashion.

The (Ultimate) Gift of the Advent

If you’re waiting to propose on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, an advent calendar could be the perfect way to do it. Present the calendar to your love with treats behind each door. Save the best for last – and hide the ring behind door 24. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re around when he or she opens it!

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Santa Swap

Find a Santa costume and get romantic! Wear the costume to a party or event where you’re potential spouse will be but is not expecting you. When her friend brings her to talk to Santa (or, even better, sit on his lap), reveal your identity and present her with the ultimate gift!

Light it Up

If you’re going to go Griswold this Christmas you may as well get another use out of your décor. Write “Marry Me” on the roof of the house in Christmas lights, then have a friend or family member illuminate it when you’re outside with her.

Trim the Tree

Together with your partner, make ornaments depicting fun memories from your relationship together. These might be trips you’ve taken, relationship milestones or funny inside jokes. Then, once the tree is decked, place the star – complete with the question, “Will you marry me?” on top.

Count it Down

The new year is the perfect time to start your lives together as a committed (almost) married couple. When the countdown to midnight starts, name one thing you love about your partner for every second counted. Then as the clock strikes midnight, pop the question.

Your turn: what’s your dream Christmas proposal?


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