Winter Wedding in Las Vegas

Planning a Perfect Winter Wedding in Las Vegas

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Everyone has dreamed about their wedding day sometime or another. Whether imagining walking down the aisle to see your love gazing back adoringly, or standing proudly in front of your friends and family, knowing THAT DAY you are the luckiest person alive as you’re getting married to the best person you’ve ever met.

Maybe you’ve thought that you are going to get married during the first blush of spring, or maybe you might get married in the sun on a beach as the waves tickle the shore. You might be the adventurous sort and do it all on a winter whim in glittery Las Vegas!

While Vegas may not be what many think of when they think of a traditional wedding, Vegas actually has a lot more to offer than most realize when it comes to traditional weddings and can go a long way for someone who had childhood dreams of a winter wonderland wedding.

Now that the child is all grown up and wants to pair their childhood dreams with the enjoyment that can be found under the glittering Vegas lights, here are some tips to have the perfect Winter Wedding in Las Vegas!

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Choosing The Wedding Venue

Vegas has a lot of options when it comes to choosing a venue to fulfill your glistening dream. Though there are many chapels in Vegas, for The Little Vegas Chapel, you can walk down the aisle and appreciate the beauty of the of shimmering raindrop chandeliers. The back-lit curtains bring to mind stars sparkling in a crisp moonlit night, all reflecting back in the mirrored ceiling, lending openness to the entire room. The bright white walls are the icing on the winter cake for the cold weather wedding dreamer.

Dressing For The Occasion

If you haven’t had the opportunity to search through all the places for tux and gown rentals that Las Vegas has to offer see if the chapel you choose can help guide you with hassle-free gown and tux rentals.

You will exceed all your dreams as you are led to a variety of pristine winter-white gowns or sleet tuxedos to choose from. There is nothing quite like slipping on the dress or tux that takes you from “bride or groom-to-be” to “I’m getting married today!” Don’t hesitate to finish with our professional stylists, and round out the pampering with hair and make-up. As you walk down the aisle, your soon-to-be-spouse will be frozen in awe at how great you look on this very special day.

The Flowers

The finishing touch to this winter wonderland wedding in Las Vegas is the flowers. Along with the gorgeous white flowers provided within the venue, you can complete your dream ceremony with traditional, love-inspired bright red roses.

There is no need to fret about making sure the flowers are picked up on time, or brought to the venue. We are more than happy to assist you with anything you need!

Tying the Knot at Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

You’re done! You’ve done what you need to do by choosing your venue, taking care of the attire, and getting the flowers. You can still top it off with a classy limo if you choose and now it’s time to bring your winter wonderland to life. Book your wedding  and you are well on your way to your very own happily ever after.

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