How To Set a Wedding Date

How to Set a Wedding Date

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Your partner proposed and now it’s time to talk about when to set a wedding date. How can you choose between the various seasons as the best time to get married? When you are looking at the calendar for a wedding date, think about all the people you want to attend your wedding. Planning a wedding at a different time of year might make it easier for your guests to attend your wedding. The Little Vegas Chapel is performing weddings for all special dates, and we are here to create magical weddings no matter what time of year it is.

Don’t Let The Pressure Get To You

Most couples are pressured into setting a wedding date right after the big question is popped. Before you just go with a specific date, think about the most important people you want to attend your wedding. You can discuss a date that you know works for their schedule, making it easier to ensure they will be able to attend your wedding. Don’t set a wedding date without checking schedules.

Talk With a Wedding Coordinator

Check with one of our wedding coordinators. No matter when you are planning to get married, you will want to discuss different dates with a wedding planner. For those of you that are looking for a specific wedding date, our Las Vegas chapel can definitely help with that! Las Vegas is known for year-round weddings, so no matter what day it is, we can marry you! Plus, at The Little Vegas Chapel, our in-house wedding planners make getting married in Vegas easy by ensuring every single detail is taken care of so you can sit back and relax!

Choose Your Season

Do you want to get married in a certain season? Some people have always had their heart set on a summer wedding, but what about the hotel rates and other fees during popular travel times? When it’s tourist season, the rates are usually higher, making it less affordable for some families to be able to attend the wedding. Consider altering your date for the off-season, making it more affordable for all of those that you love to attend your wedding.

Choose Your Venues

Some people have the wedding ceremony performed in our chapel but have their reception at a nice restaurant on the Strip or in Downtown. The Little Vegas Chapel also holds ceremonies off-site, such as the Valley of Fire or at the Las Vegas Sign. Unlike other wedding chapels, we provide guests with everything they could possibly need to create a magical wedding day. Browse through our wedding packages and you can see all of the great ideas we have put together for you!

On-The-Spot Weddings

Quickie Vegas wedding? If you have gotten engaged recently, or you want to get married on the spot, a Las Vegas wedding would be perfect! The Little Vegas Chapel is known for year-round weddings, making it easy to be able to walk in and get married in a hurry! We can help you get started by obtaining your marriage license from the Clark County Commissioners office, which only takes about 15 minutes. Read our on-the-spot Las Vegas weddings tips for more information.

Choose Your Day of the Week

When deciding when to set a wedding date, the day of the week is another element that can make choosing the actual date of your wedding challenging. Mid-week weddings can make it difficult for people to attend the wedding due to work and other weekly activities. Weekends can be easier for wedding guests, and in Las Vegas, it’s pretty easy to find a great hotel for your guests to enjoy! The Little Vegas Chapel can provide last-minute weddings every day of the week for your convenience.

Work Together To Set a Wedding Date

The most important element when choosing when to set a wedding date is to work together to find the best date. Some people suddenly agree on a fall wedding even though they always loved spring. Creating a dream wedding is easy when you turn it to the experts! Give The Little Vegas Chapel a call today to book your wedding!

Plus, Las Vegas is one of the best cities for year-round weddings!

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