Getting Married on a Budget

Getting Married on a Budget

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Have you recently thought about getting married to your best friend? If you’ve looked into the cost of weddings, you may be terrified at that costly figure! The average wedding costs anywhere from $19,00-$25,000! If you want to get married on a budget, or you just think spending that amount of money is asinine, you aren’t alone! The Little Vegas Chapel specializes in creating affordable weddings, allowing you to save thousands of dollars to put towards your new life together!

Planning a wedding comes down to so many details from choosing a venue to determining your wedding flowers. If you want a traditional wedding, you may be looking at several months or years to plan it if you are trying to follow family traditions. So how can you add in those traditional elements without going into debt for a wedding?

Some Tips For Getting Married on a Budget

We create affordable wedding packages that come with everything you need including:

Our affordable weddings are designed to let you feel like royalty, without needing the income of royalty!

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

Budgeting for a Wedding in Las Vegas

One of the best reasons to book a Las Vegas wedding is for the budget. While you may have been turned off from a destination wedding, it’s nice to see how much it could actually save you. Couples can get married for less than $499! You can even have your wedding in a traditional wedding chapel, or you could add some other fun to your wedding and get married in the middle of the desert, at the Valley of Fire! Other couples even have fun walking or cruising the strip in style in Pink Cadillac’s, just like Elvis drove. You can get creative and get married in front of the iconic Las Vegas sign, with the sparkling lights in the background. The possibilities of getting married on a budget in Las Vegas are truly endless.

When we work with couples, we find most have a set number in mind that they want to stick to for their wedding. Browse through our wedding packages to see the affordable pricing along with all the extra amenities and elements you can enjoy. We have several wedding tools that are designed to not only create an amazing wedding day, but designed to save you money.

After browsing our wedding packages, you can see how we are focused on not only quality, but on your budget. We want you to be able to enjoy all of the unique elements that do create lifelong memories, but we don’t want you to suffer in debt for years! Sit down as a couple and determine what you can afford, what you want, and see how we can step into the picture to make this dream into a reality. If you have special requests and you do not see them listed, give us a call. Your personal wedding planner can work with you to make sure your wedding will meet your budget needs, while still creating the most memorable day of your life.

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