2022 wedding trends

Choosing your 2022 Wedding Trends

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Choosing your 2022 Wedding Trends

With 2022 approaching quickly, you may very well be considering the wedding trends you want to embrace for your 2022 wedding. Choosing your 2022 wedding trends will largely depend on your own preferences and what you want for your wedding. Keep in mind that wedding trends are always a completely optional part of your wedding; you should always choose the things that you personally want for your wedding. Learning about 2022 wedding trends should largely just serve as inspiration to help you get some ideas for what you want for your own wedding. At The Little Vegas Chapel, our team is always happy to help you coordinate the wedding that you want. We can host an array of wedding types and styles. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind about choosing your 2022 wedding trends.

Choose your Priorities

2022 wedding trends

One of the most important things to do when choosing your 2022 wedding trends is to consider what your exact priorities are. Do you care most about the location of your wedding? Are you more passionate about the color scheme? Determining your priorities will help you to plan the surrounding factors for your wedding. For example, if you are uncertain about the colors that you want for your wedding, you may want to look at trends and see if any of those color schemes suit you. Determining your priorities will help you to decide on the wedding trends that you want to follow.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are a new wedding trend for 2022 brides. These earrings tend to be large and ostentatious, which truly draws attention to the bride. If you are a fan of beautiful earrings, you may want to consider implementing statement earrings to your wedding ensemble. These earrings are also a great choice for accessorizing flawlessly with your wedding dress. The use of statement earrings helps to create a truly unique appearance.  


Pearls have certainly seen a comeback in popularity. Brides wearing pearls are one of the upcoming wedding trends for 2022. If you have always had a fondness for pearls, this may be the opportunity that you have been waiting for to add them to your wedding look! You can even match a pearl necklace with pearl bracelets or earrings to provide a more cohesive aesthetic on your wedding day. Classic pearls help to provide you with a particularly classic aesthetic.

Vintage Vibes

Vintage vibes have been growing in 2022 wedding popularity. From antique-style engagement rings to vintage decorations, there are many ways that you can incorporate vintage vibes to your wedding day. This vintage aesthetic helps to provide you with a truly unique and memorable wedding day.

Earthy Tones

While bright colors have seen an increase in popularity for 2022 wedding trends, earthy tones have similarly become widely used. These tones are often combined with garden scenes to provide a cohesive appearance to the wedding aesthetic. These earthy tones are also commonly combined with fairy tale lighting to provide a truly magical background. Earthy tones are another great choice to set your wedding apart from the rest. Floral patterns have also become a 2022 wedding trend, along with bright and bold colors.

Additional Wedding Services

Utilizing additional wedding services can often help you to make your wedding everything you’ve dreamed of. At The Little Vegas Chapel, we offer an array of additional wedding services to ensure that your wedding-related needs can be met. From makeup services to wedding catering recommendations, you can coordinate with our team to make your wedding perfect. Visit our website for more information about the additional wedding services that we can provide.  

Choosing your 2022 wedding trends can feel overwhelming, but it is important to consider your own preferences for your wedding. These trends can provide a springboard for ideas, but you shouldn’t plan your wedding solely around the trends of the upcoming year. Our team at The Little Vegas Chapel can help you to make your dream wedding a reality with us. For more information about our wedding chapel or the additional wedding services that we can provide, contact us at The Little Vegas Chapel today!

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