Can You Get Married on the Spot in Las Vegas?

The quick answer is Yes and No.

In order to get married on the spot, you will still need to obtain a Nevada Marriage License.

To get a license, both parties will need to be present at the license bureau with government issued ID’s. The identification can be from foreign countries as long as it could be understood in English.

Given that, you can see how a “let’s get married now” or “surprise! I’ll marry you now” scenario can be close to impossible. Contrary to popular belief, there’s an adult level stage to getting married in Las Vegas. It’s not all juvenile fun.

However, you can get obtain your license and get married all before breakfast. It will only take on average 15 minutes to get a license and another 15 minutes to get married (usually).

There are wedding chapels in Las Vegas that have the whole two-hour production and those that have the drive up windows. Yup! You don’t even have to get out of your car.

So where do you get your license, how and how much?

On 201 E Clark Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101, on the corner of Clark and 3rd street is the Marriage License Bureau. They are open from 8 am to midnight everyday of the year. It is $77 (as of 2019) to get a marriage license.

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28 thoughts on “Can you get married on the spot in Las Vegas?”

    1. Hi Lily!

      Yes, you can get married in Las Vegas for only $750. We have Traditional Wedding Packages starting at $199 and Elvis Wedding Packages starting at $299. Feel free to book online or contact us directly for more details.


  1. Hi, me and my husband want to renew our vows in Las Vegas when we visit in October. What would we need to do? Looking for an Elvis ceremony. Kind of just to say we did it in Vegas!

    1. Hi Lisa! Congratulations on your renewal of vows! Vow renewals don’t need any special paperwork. You can simply make a booking over the phone or online. Our Elvis Vow Renewal packages start at $299. Congrats again!

    2. My girlfriend and I want to get married. She doesn’t want all the extra stuff til we can better coordinate our families. How much for just the license and marriage on the quickest of quick.
      Basically about 200 miles away and want to be home in time to still have dinner.

      1. Hello!

        Congratulations to the two of you! Please give us a call at 702-385-5683, a coordinator will be happy to assist you with your request! 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m already married to my husband in Australia but think it will be fun to get a second wedding by elvis, if we can provide our marriage certificate is that enough or do we need to apply still? And how much is a basic wedding by elvis, no songs just him and us ?

    1. Congratulations Alyssa! You are more than welcome to walk-in and pay cash. We do recommend making a reservation in advance to ensure your preferred time and date. Congratulations again!

      1. Hi my girlfriend and I want to get married in Vegas we are from Ohio. How long do we have to be in town before we can get our license and get married

        1. Congratulations Dee! We would be honored to celebrate with you!

          There is no minimum time requirement to get legally married in Vegas. Essentially you can arrive into town, get your license and get married right away!

          Do let me know if you would like to know about our packages, and we would be happy to send you additional information.

          Congratulations again!

          The Little Vegas Chapel Team

      2. Hello. Me and my fiancée are from the UK and are looking to get married in Vegas. Do we have to be in Vegas a certain time before we get married or can we fly over for 3 days and get it done within that period?

        1. Hi Kurt! Thanks for your comment! There is no waiting period to get married in Las Vegas. You can do everything in 3 days! 🙂

  3. Hi my boyfriend and I are thinking about getting married in Vegas. We aren’t planning on having a wedding, just a simple walk down the aisle, saying vows and “I do’s” and done. Is there a cost for that other than the marriage license fees?

    1. Congratulations Alyssa!

      Our Love & Cherish package is our most simple package with a walk down the aisle and a ceremony. You may also have a Short & Sweet signing of the paperwork which is just the “I do’s!”

      Congratulations again!

  4. Hi, do you know a service that can get us both the license for marriage and the certificate later in 1 day? Thanks. We need to also do Apostille later which will take a day.

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you for your message, we’d love to celebrate with you! We do offer expedited licensing and apostille services. Both the proof of marriage and the apostille will be ready for pick up at our chapel within 3 business days. For more information on this, please give us a call at 702-385-5683 or at!

    1. Hello!

      Our address is 1330 S 3rd St Las Vegas, NV 89104! We are located on the corner of 3rd and Imperial Ave.
      To get a marriage license, you and your partner must go to the Marriage License Bureau!
      The process takes about 25 minutes to obtain, just depending on their line!

      If you have any questions, you are welcome to reach us at 702-385-5683 or via email at

    1. Hi Sherry! Thanks for the comment! There is no waiting period to get married in Las Vegas 🙂 For more information regarding marriage licenses, please visit the Marriage License Bureau website at:

    1. Hi Krissty,

      Thanks for the comment! You will not need the divorce papers to apply for a marriage license. You will just need the date the divorce was finalized.

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