Can You Get Married on the Spot in Las Vegas?

The quick answer is Yes and No.

In order to get married on the spot, you will still need to obtain a Nevada Marriage License. On the bottom of this post will be the details on how to do that.

To get a license, both parties will need to be present at the license bureau with government issued ID’s. The identification can be from foreign countries as long as it could be understood in English.

Given that, you can see how a “let’s get married now” or “surprise! I’ll marry you now” scenario can be close to impossible. Contrary to popular belief, there’s an adult level stage to getting married in Las Vegas. It’s not all juvenile fun.

However, you can get obtain your license and get married all before breakfast. It will only take on average 15 minutes to get a license and another 15 minutes to get married (usually).

There are chapels in Las Vegas that have the whole two-hour production and those that have the drive up windows. Yup! You don’t even have to get out of your car. A quick survey of the people working at one of those drive-up chapels have shown that more than half the time, it’s the ladies who are driving the car.

So where do you get your license, how and how much?

On 201 Clark Ave., in downtown Las Vegas is the Regional Justice Center. On the corner of Clark and 3rd street is the Marriage License Bureau. They are open from 8 am to midnight all days of the year. On some special days, they are open 24 hours. It is $60 (as of March 2014) to get a license and $65 if you were to charge it on your card.

Nevada Marriage License Info 

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    1. Hi Lily!

      Yes, you can get married in Las Vegas for only $750. We have Traditional Wedding Packages starting at $199 and Elvis Wedding Packages starting at $299. Feel free to book online or contact us directly for more details.


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