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Best Dates to Get Married in 2018

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Newly engaged? First things first: Congratulations! One of the first task to get done when planning a wedding is to set a date. 2018 is a great year to get married for a number of reasons (pun intended). Check out our list of dates to help you pick the perfect one for your upcoming nuptials!

Repeat Dates

Best dates to get married in 2018

These are the best dates to get married in 2018 and will be insanely pleasing to write on all your invitations. Plus, they’ll be fun to say aloud!

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Monday, 1/8/18 [January 8th, 2018]

Friday, 2/2/18 [February 2nd, 2018]

Saturday, 3/3/18 [March 3rd, 2018]

Sunday, 3/18/18 [March 18th, 2018]

Saturday, 5/5/18 [May 5th, 2018]

Thursday, 7/7/18 [July 7th, 2018]

Wednesday, 8/8/18 [August 8th, 2018]*

Sunday, 11/11/18 [November 11th, 2018]

*This date is extra special, and expected to be the busiest day of 2018. It is one of the easiest dates to remember, and the 8’s also tend to remind people of the infinity symbol.

Palindrome Dates

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Think about civic and radar, but with dates! These are days that are the same forwards and backwards, and equally as aesthetically pleasing to write out!

Wednesday, 8/1/18 [August 1st, 2018]

Friday – Sunday, 8/10/18 – 8/19/18

Mathematical Dates

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If you and your partner enjoy numbers, you both would really appreciate choosing a date that has some numerical patterns in it!

Friday, 2/16/18 [February 16th, 2018]*

Saturday, 4/14/18 [April 14th, 2018]

Sunday, 9/9/18 [September 9th, 2018]

Friday, 8/10/18 [August 10th, 2018]

Friday, 11/9/18 [November 9th, 2018]

*This date is also Chinese New Year! Double win!


Holiday themed Las Vegas wedding

These dates can either be the best or the worst. Keep in mind, Las Vegas is one of the best places to vacation during the holidays, so flights and hotel accommodations may skyrocket. However, you would be visiting Las Vegas in its prime and will truly experience the city of lights! Here are the most popular holidays to have your ceremony!

Valentines Day, Wednesday 2/14/18 [February 14th, 2018]

St. Patrick’s Day, Saturday 3/17/18 [March 17th, 2018]

Halloween, Wednesday 10/31/18 [October 31st, 2018]

New Year’s Eve, Monday 12/31/18 [December 31st, 2018]

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