Buzzfeed and Team with Iconic Pink Cadillac at The Little Vegas Chapel

Behind the Scenes: Buzzfeed Gets Married in Vegas

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buzzfeed gets married team poses with iconic pink cadillac

The Little Vegas Chapel kicked off the month of love in an incredible way!

We had the phenomenal opportunity to work with the popular media company, Buzzfeed

Aria Inthavong, a Buzzfeed Video Resident, visited Las Vegas and decided to try and tie the knot at The Little Vegas Chapel during his stay. 

The twist, he had just 24 hours to convince a complete stranger to marry him!

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

Check out how Aria managed to convince one lucky bride to get “hitched” with him in the video below!  

Buzzfeed Gets Married in Vegas

Special thank you to the team at Buzzfeed! We are honored to be featured in your video and to be a part of your special day!

Scroll down for some more behind the scenes of their time with us!

buzzfeed and actors pose for a photo with elvis and bride and groom
buzzfeed with staff at the little vegas chapel
buzzfeed poses with staff during their visit with the little vegas chapel

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