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Las Vegas is known for being the wedding capital of the world with around 80,000 – 100,000 weddings performed here yearly. Las Vegas is an ideal destination wedding location for many couples who are coming here to have a great and memorable time.

Here Are Our 5 Reasons To Get Married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a little bit of everything for everyone, making it an ideal location for a variety of activities, including getting married. If you have been on the fence about getting married in Las Vegas, here are 5 reasons to get married in Las Vegas:


We all know how expensive weddings can be, and quite often couples are unable to afford to get married. If you want to have a wedding that allows you to have a unique experience coupled with an ideal location for a honeymoon, consider Vegas!

Unlike traditional weddings that can easily cost thousands of dollars, our Las Vegas wedding packages are affordable starting at only a couple hundred dollars.


A Las Vegas wedding can be traditional, or it can be a little eccentric! Couples get to have the option of our wonderful wedding venue. Destination weddings in the Valley of Fire or even get married by Elvis!

Couples find that our wedding packages are designed around them! We want your wedding to be custom to match your personality as a couple. We work tirelessly to bring you the best ideas and options to create a dream wedding. Our goal is to give you one of the most memorable days of your life together as a couple!


What makes Las Vegas such a great place to get married? We have EVERYTHING here! Las Vegas has so many different and unique hotels, shows to see, and things to do that makes getting married here become an ideal vacation for many friends and family members as well.

Las Vegas makes it convenient for couples that do not want to stress over the small details of getting married. The Little Vegas Chapel can provide you with everything you need to create the perfect wedding day, from cruising the strip in our custom Pink Cadillac or a Lincoln Executive Town Car, we make sure you get to enjoy being treated like royalty!


Do you want to elope? Las Vegas is a great place to have a quick wedding without a lot of planning time. We have created custom wedding packages that include everything you will need for a special wedding day. You can book a wedding ceremony on short notice and we even accept walk-ins. You can pre-apply for a marriage license online and pick it up at the Clark County Clerk’s office in downtown Las Vegas on the way to our wedding chapel.


Let’s face it, Las Vegas is beautiful! While some couples are concerned about all the flashing lights and having their wedding feel to glitzy, we do provide location weddings to fit your idea of an ideal wedding such as getting married in the middle of the Valley of Fire. Being surrounded by beautiful red rocks and the peace of nature has an intimate feeling to it. If you want to get married in Las Vegas, The Little Vegas Chapel is dedicated to bringing you the wedding that you have always dreamed of!

Having Las Vegas as your destination wedding is one of the easiest decisions you will ever make! Take a moment to browse through our wedding packages to help you start creating the dream wedding you have always wanted.

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