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Las Vegas Chapel

There are so man options for a Las Vegas chapel to choose from in Las Vegas, why Little Vegas Chapel?

1. Easy to find location

Just tell people 2207 S Las Vegas Blvd. on the Las Vegas Strip, and they will easily find our venue with the help of their smartphones if need be. Or just tell them the Little Chapel across the street from the Stratosphere, which is the largest tower in the Southwest!

Get Married by Elvis in Vegas

2. Central Las Vegas location.
Do you know for certain from which direction your friends and family are coming from? If not, then a central location in Las Vegas is helpful to everybody. The Little Vegas Chapel is located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

3. Everything onsite.
Do you a bridal gown and tuxedo for the photos? We’ve got you covered. A full multi-media setup? We have that too. What about officiants, DVDs of the wedding, or Elvis impersonators? Yes, yes, and yes!

4. Hours of operation.
Who says you can’t get married at 8:00 p.m. on a Tuesday night? You should get married whenever you feel like! The Little Vegas Chapel is open from 10am-10pm, Mon-Thursday and 10am-midnight Fri-Sat to accommodate your hectic schedule.


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