2022 wedding trends

2022 Wedding Trends

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2022 Wedding Trends

2022 is nearly upon us so it’s likely that you have started considering 2022 wedding trends to implement to your own wedding! The COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial impact on the evolution of weddings, so these trends will surely impact weddings in 2022. 2022 wedding trends include aspects like virtual wedding invitations, multi-day experiences, unique reception table layouts, and much more. At The Little Vegas Chapel, we are dedicated to providing you with the services that you need to have your perfect wedding. Here are a few 2022 wedding trends that may give you some ideas for your own wedding.

Rented Wedding Dresses

It is becoming much more common for brides to rent their wedding dresses rather than purchase them outright. This is a great way to save money on your wedding expenses. You may also want to consider reusing a family member’s wedding dress, such as your mother’s or grandmother’s, to add some sentimental value. If you don’t want to spend the money outright on a wedding dress, you may want to consider renting. This can help you to cut your expenses, without having to compromise on a dress that is less than perfect for your big day.

Relaxed Vibes

2022 wedding trends

Weddings seem to be veering away from formal variations. 2022 wedding trends show weddings tending to have more relaxed vibes, such as a backyard wedding. If you want a relaxed atmosphere, our team at The Little Vegas Chapel is happy to make this happen for your own wedding. This often allows brides and grooms to spend more time enjoying their wedding, rather than worrying about everything being perfect on their wedding day. These relaxed atmospheres are often more fun for guests, as well.

Smaller Guest Lists

The pandemic certainly cut short many couples’ guest lists for their wedding. It seems, however, that these small, intimate ceremonies have their own special kind of charm. Smaller guest lists are a growing trend, both for providing a more intimate ceremony and for cutting overall expenses for the wedding. In fact, many places are still allowing for virtual showings of ceremonies to help couples reduce their guest list as much as possible. Having a smaller guest list tends to be much better for the bank account, too.  

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Multi-Day Experiences

Multi-day experiences are another 2022 wedding trend. This wedding trend tends to focus less on an extravagant ceremony and more on making memories with the people you love. Vegas is a great place to have your wedding if you intend to have a multi-day experience. From shows to food tours, there are plenty of options in Las Vegas to keep your guests entertained. We are happy to provide recommendations for your multi-day experience after your wedding day!

Natural Scenes

Natural scenes are going to be particularly popular in 2022. Due to the pandemic, people got more used to gathering outside, so many weddings are going to continue to be held outdoors and in natural atmospheres. This can come in many different forms, such as a backyard wedding or a casual gathering in a forest setting. Natural scenes have their own special magic, which is why this trend is continuing to be so popular.  

Bridgerton-Inspired Weddings

One of the most notable wedding trends in 2022 is weddings that are inspired by the popular show, Bridgerton. These weddings tend to be oriented around cozy garden scenes and almost always incorporate regency blue. If you are a fan of the show, you may want to consider implementing some of these trends into your own wedding. The regency blue, in particular, adds a classic touch to any wedding.

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage-inspired engagement rings are another trend that we’re seeing in the future. These gorgeous engagement rings are the perfect accessory for a wedding with vintage vibes. If you aren’t totally certain of the engagement ring you want, you may want to jump on the vintage-inspired trend.  

Weekday Weddings

The backup of weddings due to the pandemic has made it incredibly difficult to find an open venue on a weekend for a reasonable price. Due to this, weekday weddings are quickly becoming more popular. These days are often more affordable for venues, as well. A weekday wedding may be somewhat inconvenient for guests, but as the trend is growing toward smaller guest lists, this impact is generally minimal. A weekday wedding often makes it easier to schedule all of your various services, such as catering or floral arrangements.

Fairy Tale Lighting

Fairy tale lighting is another big 2022 wedding trend. These fixtures can be used to decorate many different kinds of venues, whether indoors or outdoors. The use of fairy tale lighting can transform an outdoor wedding into a magical evening that you’ll always remember. They can also be used indoors to draw attention to the alter or to change the atmosphere inside of the venue.  

Virtual Wedding Invitations

Virtual wedding invitations seem to be a way of the future! While they certainly took center stage due to the reduced expenses, as well as increased need for virtualization, virtual wedding invitations are an easy, inexpensive way to invite your guests to your wedding. Many places offer deals where you can receive a certain number of physical invitations in tandem with a virtual wedding invitation that you can send out.

Short Wedding Dresses

Though there is a classic beauty to traditional, long wedding dresses, short weddings have a great deal of charm, as well. These dresses are becoming much more commonly seen in weddings, where brides are trading intricate trains for elaborate tops of the wedding dress. This is also a great way to show off those beautiful shoes that match your dress perfectly! If the longer wedding dress isn’t quite your style, you can certainly opt for a short, edgy wedding dress.

Bold, Vibrant Colors

It seems that pastels are in the past in 2022. Bold, vibrant colors are the new trend for 2022 weddings. These colors help to draw attention to various points of the wedding. They can also provide a stark contrast to neutral colors, like whites or blacks. Bold and beautiful colors can help to create your own bold and beautiful wedding.  

Unique Reception Table Layouts

The pandemic has had a substantial impact on reception table layouts. These layouts began to be organized in unique ways to allow for social distancing. The table layouts seemed to work extremely well and it looks like they may be here to stay, even in the absence of social distancing concerns. This includes table layouts like crosses and Z formations. If you want a unique reception table layout, you’re not alone. These layouts are growing in popularity as they become more widely used. At The Little Vegas Chapel, we can provide recommendations for catering and reception services for your wedding.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are another trend that we will see in 2022 weddings. These floral patterns are used on wedding dresses, decorations, and many other areas. These floral patterns are often combined with the cozy garden scenes or the fairy tale lighting. If you want to incorporate floral prints into your wedding, there has never been a better year than 2022 to do so!


Bows are making a dramatic comeback in the wedding scene! We’re seeing bows used on wedding dresses, as accessories in hair, to decorate shoes, and to decorate the venue. If you’ve always been a fan of bows, you can incorporate in many different aspects of your wedding!

Bouquet Preservation

Bouquet preservation is another trend that you can expect to see regularly in 2022. Brides tend to want to memorialize their wedding and what better way to do so than having their bouquet preserved? Many artists are able to preserve the flowers flawlessly and arrange them in a beautiful manner. You may choose to have it framed or preserved otherwise. This can be a sentimental reminder of your beautiful wedding day.

Outdoor First Dances

As with how many people are having their weddings outdoors, it is a growing trend for newly-wed couples to have their first dances outdoors. This can help to provide a change of scenery and ensure there is ample space for the first dance. An outdoor first dance can help you to set the scene flawlessly for that special moment.

These are just a few of the 2022 wedding trends that you can expect to see through the next year. Ultimately, you should always choose the things that you actually want for your wedding, rather than choosing something only because it is a current wedding trend. At The Little Vegas Chapel, we are dedicated to helping you craft your ideal Vegas wedding. Whether you choose to incorporate these wedding trends to your wedding or not, our experts can help you to coordinate your ideal wedding with us. To learn more about our wedding chapel or the 2022 wedding trends you want to see in your own wedding, contact us at The Little Vegas Chapel today!

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