10 Reasons to be Grateful for Your Spouse

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Whether you’re spending your first Thanksgiving or your 40th with your spouse, now is a great time to reflect on all the reasons you’re thankful for that special person. If you’ve made the commitment to be together, celebrate it this holiday by considering all the reasons you’re thankful:

10 Reasons to be grateful for your spouse

10 Reasons to Be Grateful for Your Spouse

  1. He’s patient with you. Let’s be honest, you have a lot of good habits, but you also have a lot of annoying ones. Your spouse is the one who is patient with all of it. That’s something to be grateful for.
  2. She takes out the garbage. Or cleans the toilet. Or washes dishes. Or folds laundry. You get the picture. As spouses, you’re always helping out. Be grateful!
  3. He’s a great cook. One of you likely knows how to do something in the kitchen besides open a beer. Be grateful for the spouse in the relationship who can scramble eggs or julienne a carrot.
  4. She’s your biggest cheerleader. With all the negativity in the world, you always have a cheering section: your spouse. Be grateful for that support and note of positivity in your life.
  5. He’s the father of your children. If you’ve got kids, your gratitude for your spouse likely skyrocketed when you first laid eyes on that little one. Be grateful for the person who helped bring them here.
  6. She’s your best friend. From romance to hiking, biking and binge-watching, your spouse is your go-to playmate. Be grateful you have that friend in your life.
  7. He’s always your date. From work parties to weddings, you always have a go-to plus one. That takes a whole lot of pressure off social events: be grateful!
  8. She’s your best excuse. When you’re married, opting out of not-so-appealing events can be easy – just blame your spouse! She’s sick; he’s out of town… works every time!
  9. He’s a great kisser. Hey, this one is just important!
  10. She’s committed to you for the long haul. There’s something reassuring in knowing your spouse has committed to being with you til the end – celebrate it!

Your turn: Why are you thankful for your spouse?

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